What is lupus

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What is lupus

Lupus is considered to be an autoimmune type of disease. Depending upon the level of severity of disease it can harm to the various parts of body like blood cells, nervous system, heart, kidneys, skin and many other parts as well. The other general symptoms of the lupus disease do vary in a wide range. Rashes, fever, swelling, joint pain and fatigue are some of the most common and most general symptoms of lupus disease.

It is lupus which can sometime cause serious complications to women during their pregnancy. It is very severe condition in which high blood pressure is characterized and then followed by the protein discharge through urine.

Lupus can initially be indicated through genes because these are the genes that makes a person more prone to the attack of lupus disease. The lupus disease in children could be more severe when it is usually followed by the kidney disease. This is because in children if immune system attacks on their kidney due to malfunctioning then around each body parts of them becomes unable to work properly and hence more dangerous.

All about lupus

It is the immune system of which attacks on the foreign substances of the body and prevent the damage and diseases of the body from it. At the same time those people who suffer with the disease called lupus are affected with their immune system and it becomes unable to detect the difference between healthy and unhealthy tissues. As a result of which immune system attacks on these healthy tissues sometimes this causes many problems for the patients if their healthy tissues are broken by the immune system. The brain, blood vessels, lungs, the heart, kidneys, skin and joints are the major parts of the body which are supposed to get affected from that of the attack of the immune system as a result of lupus disease.

The lupus disease is of several types. Among all of them the systematic lupus erythematous is one of the chronic types of lupus disease that can affect many parts of body simultaneously. It is a type of disease that can affect to any person of any age, ethnicity and country but the lupus disease is more common among the women. Through researches it has been found that these are the genes of the person inherited from their parents that are most responsible for the happening of lupus disease to them. Sometime it can also occur due to other external reasons like bacteria, virus, smoking or other related factors.

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