Pharmstore Reviews: Can You Trust This Provider with Your Prescription Needs?

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Pharmstore Reviews: Can You Trust This Provider with Your Prescription Needs?

In this article, we would be doing a quick review on Pharmstore (, a Canadian pharmacy. You know the common thing with Canadian pharmacies? I’m sure you do! The fact that they sell prescription drugs way cheaper than pharmacies in the US. This is why Canadian pharmacies receive a great level of patronage from US-based patients. It is important to a review of online pharmacies from time to time, so patients could know which of these online pharmacies to trust since there are several of them. We cannot emphasize enough that not all online pharmacies should be patronized if you desire to be safe. Many online pharmacies have not reached the accreditation requirements, they also do not ship out quality drugs. The online platforms of these pharmacies are totally unsafe. Most of the times these pharmacies have no accreditation from the appropriate agencies since they do not reach the requirements, they have bad customer reviews, and they are fairly new. They are also involved in practices that are not approved by pharmaceutical agencies. These websites could be considered as rogue or illegitimate websites. We would consider one of the reputable Canadian pharmacies, Pharmstore and thus, find out whether it is legitimate or not. And whether they are worth your trust.

Pharm Store Overview

Like we have rightly stated, Pharmastore is based in Canada; Winnipeg to be precise. The fact that their address can be verified shows that they are truly a Canadian pharmacy.

Pharmstore Homepage Image

On like many illegitimate Canadian pharmacies who hide under the Canadian pharmacy reputation but are not really in Canada. They sell fake drugs and engage in illicit pharmaceutical acts. But we see Pharmstore is really based in Canada. This pharmacy is a member of CIPA which implies they reach the appropriate pharmaceutical standards and they also sell drugs very cheap since CIPA pharmacies sell drugs at the most affordable prices. Pharm store is also approved by Pharmacy Checker, this signifies that it is a trustable pharmacy. We see that their website is Norton secured, which means your data; both financial and personal are secured. Amazingly, they ship to the US at no charge. That’s amazing if we do say so ourselves. Your order is confidential, you access to their support 7 days a week and guess what, it is toll-free, and all drugs shipped out would be of the maximum quality owing to their accreditations. Note that Pharmastore is not necessarily a pharmacy in itself, it is a prescription referral service which gets you access to cost-effective prescription meds. However, their primary location is in Canada where orders are processed. This service is available to both US-based patients and international patients.

With Pharmstore, you can purchase quality prescription and non-prescription meds from accredited pharmacies all over the world.

Pharmstore Shipping

Shipping is a very important aspect when talking about online pharmacies. If a pharmacy has a poor shipping service, it could be a real deal breaker since you order may be delayed or have issues in transit. Often times patients have to wait forever before their package arrives at their desired destinations and sometimes patients never get their package delivered to them. Sometimes patients even complain that they were not given a refund or a reshipment after they complained that they never got their shipment. A reliable pharmacy delivers your order to you in a timely manner and if there are issues with the shipment a refund or a reshipment is done. In the case of Pharmastore, you know what they do is a price match, that is they match or beat the prices of any and Canadian International pharmacy association (CIPA) accredited pharmacy. However, there are certain clauses which are the fact that Shipping fee must be included in the price comparison, promos and deals must be excluded and the competitor must have the product in stock. So when you place an order through Pharmastore and you type in the correct address, you should receive your order within a week from their contracted pharmacy. If your shipment does not arrive at your destination in 2 to 4 weeks, Pharmstore would ensure their contracted pharmacy reships your order to you. They can also apply a credit for a full payment of your purchase depending on which one you desire. Note that Pharmstore does not ship narcotics or controlled substances like tranquilizers or drugs that have opiate content. Also note that if you make multiple orders sourced from different locations, they would be shipped differently.

Pharm Store Customer Reviews

This article would be absolutely incomplete if we don’t share some customer reviews about Pharmastore with you. Without customer reviews, we cannot get a perfect picture of what to expect. So, why don’t we take a couple of customer reviews real quick?

image2 8image3 8Pharmstore Customer Reviews

Pharmstore Customer Reviews

The first customer review from Terry John contains great comments. he says that Pharmstore is simply the best. He tells us that his experience has been positive with no problems so far. Andrew Smith the author of the second customer review shares that his experience has been great since he started ordering his drugs through Pharmstore over 10 years ago. He says you can absolutely trust Pharmstore. The third reviewer who goes by the name Gillian Anderson from the UK, tells us that they are trustworthy and reliable. From all these comments we can say that Pharmastore is top-notch and worth trying.


Pharmstore is a decent option if you desire to get drugs online whether prescription, non-prescription or pet drugs at the most cost-effective means. They beat prices through their numerous accredited contracted pharmacies. From the reviews of customers, it is safe to say that they can be trusted. For the best of pharmacies that sell quality drugs cheaply and ship timely, check our top list of recommended pharmacies and do ensure you beware of scammers online.

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