Is Accessrx Legitimate: Find Out Whether You Will Get Genuine Meds

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Is Accessrx Legitimate: Find Out Whether You Will Get Genuine Meds

AccessRx has been around since 1998. This store usually focuses on selling brand name drugs. Therefore, if what you are trying to source from the store is not brand name drug, you won’t find it. Questioning the legitimacy of an online pharmacy is valid given that there are numerous people who have created websites which resemble online pharmacies. These people use these websites to steal from unsuspecting customers. When we checked whether AccessRx website is a scam using, we noticed that this online vendor had a trust rating of over 90%. This proved that there was nothing malicious going on with the website.

This site states that they will not dispense any medication unless the consumer has a valid prescription from his or her doctor. If you don’t have a prescription, you will be able to get one through one of their online physicians who is licensed in the United States. This shows that AccessRx operates within the confines of the law. The law forbids dispensing prescription meds if the patient does not have a prescription.

Reaching out to the pharmacy is quite easy. They have a live chat on their website. By clicking on the live chat link, you will have the ability to get your questions answered by a real person. If you prefer talking via the phone, AccessRx has a telephone number you can use. The telephone number is 1-800-467-0297. The email address you can use to reach AccessRx is [email protected] You can opt to send an email to the support department directly from the website by filling out the contact form on their contact page.

Is Accessrx Reputable?

The reputation of an online pharmacy can only be determined by looking at the reviews that the pharmacy has managed to gather. The pharmacy has more than a thousand reviews on Trustpilot. The reviews summary is as follows:

Accessrx Consumer Comments Summary (source: https://www

Accessrx Consumer Comments Summary (source:

The reviews available on Trustpilot were exactly 1406 when we checked. Out of these reviews, 90% were 4-star rating and above. 76% of the reviewers were satisfied which is why they rated Accessrx 5 stars. Some of the reviews available are as follows:

AccessRx User Testimonials (source: http://www

AccessRx User Testimonials (source:

The first reviewer says that he has been ordering through AccessRx for several years now. He had heard about AccessRx from a co-worker. The first time he ordered it took a few minutes to get set up. After the set up was over, he has been ordering and he says that it is pleasant. He has gotten every order overnight. He has always gotten great and real pills. They were nice enough to throw in a pill cutter to help him cut his pills. He says that the customer service department is great and they are knowledgeable. He recommends AccessRx.

Thomas says that after a thorough research, he decided to try AccessRx. Even though the pharmacy looked legit, he was doubting. He ordered on a Wednesday and requested a 2 day delivery via FedEx. The meds arrived on Friday. Customer service answered his questions and they were patient when he showed his concerns.

From the reviews above, it is clear that AccessRx is both a reputable and legitimate online drug vendors. The buyers have reported that their orders arrived quickly. They also got exactly what they had ordered.

AccessRx Viagra

Although AccessRx is legitimate, the pharmacy is extremely expensive. They only stock brand Viagra. The brand Viagra they stock has the following price per pill:

AccessRx Viagra Price

AccessRx Viagra Price

The price for a 100 mg pill is $95. It is easy to get confused by the fact that the store indicates you will be getting 4 doses at $95. What they mean by this is that you will need to cut the 100 mg pill into four equal pieces in order to get the doses. Each dose will have 25 mg sildenafil citrate in it. Therefore, the 4 doses are to be obtained from the single pill they sell you at $95. There are better choices online. To prove this to you, check out the following prices for generic Viagra available online:

Generic Viagra Price

Generic Viagra Price

The above prices are available in the pharmacies present in our catalog. Viagra will cost you a maximum of $3.61 per pill. You can lower the price by buying the drug in bulk. Note that the generic Viagra and brand Viagra will both eliminate erectile dysfunction in a similar manner. Both will have sildenafil citrate as the compound which works after you have ingested the meds.

AccessRx Payment Methods

The majority of legitimate online pharmacies accept payments via credit cards. This is exactly what AccessRx does. The pharmacy accepts the four major credit cards. These are VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. This makes sure that their customers feel safe when buying and paying for their meds. This is because you will have the ability to dispute any charges made to your credit card if something wrong happens. After payment and order have been approved, AccessRx utilizes either FedEx or USPS to deliver the meds. FedEx is faster since it takes a maximum of 2 days while USPS priority mail will take 2 to 3 days. The reviewers have already confirmed that their meds usually arrive within this period of time. Therefore, we can conclude that AccessRx is legit.


Everything about AccessRx points to the fact that it is legitimate. The only issue with sourcing your meds from this online vendor is their prices. Although the pharmacy has a lot of coupon codes on external sites and on its official website, after using the coupons, the prices remain too high for most people to afford. If you are operating on a budget and you would like to pay the lowest prices, we would advise against purchasing your meds from AccessRx. Instead, you can use the pharmacies in our catalog. These stores will offer you the chance to pay up to 90% lower than what AccessRx offers.

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