CIPA Canada: Get Your Meds from a Genuine Canadian Web Drugstore

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CIPA Canada: Get Your Meds from a Genuine Canadian Web Drugstore

As more people continue to realize that sourcing their meds from their local pharmacies is not as advantageous as sourcing the same meds on the web, Canadian pharmacies are getting more customers. Usually, the people who scam others on the web look for somewhere they can get a lot of traffic so that they can have a high probability of at least confusing someone and stealing from them. At the beginning of the 21st century, the web started having more fake Canadian drug stores. This is when the need to regulate the online stores came up. CIPA was created in the year 2002 to help reduce the rate at which people were being conned by fake stores which appeared as if they were dealing in good faith. Here is what CIPA Canada website looks like:

In full, CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacist Association. It has been working with regulators, pharmacists, patients, physicians, members of the Canadian Government, and consumer interest groups to create a safer medication shopping experience on the internet. They help people get cheaper medications and at the same time avoid losing their money or their health by receiving fake meds from rogue online pharmacies claiming to have their base of operation in Canada.

Is CIPA Legit?

This is a big question for anyone who is looking to source his or her meds from Canada. If he or she has to trust a Canadian pharmacy that is being regulated by CIPA, the CIPA has to be a legal regulatory body. After doing our research, we have determined that CIPA is 100% legit. It is a regulatory body that is recognized by the Canadian government and also works with it to make sure that the fake pharmacies offering fake services on the web are eliminated.

We looked online in order to find out whether this regulatory body had helped people. We managed to come across a large number of customers who were recommending the regulatory body as a way of determining whether you are dealing with a real or a fake Canadian drugstore. Here is one of the comments we found which should serve as an example:

CIPA Canada Review (source: https://www

CIPA Canada Review

The above reviewer says that when you are using online Canadian pharmacies, you should always check that they have a CIPA Rx Logo. Also, you should always make sure that when you click on the logo, it leads you to a genuine URL which should be You should then verify that the pharmacy is in CIPA’s list of certified pharmacies. He warns that some online pharmacies will display CIPA’s logo although they are still fake. He adds that CIPA has a list of fraudulent online pharmacy sites.

CIPA’s website offers an easy way of determining whether the online drugstore you are using is a fake or it is real. Their site has a URL text box located on the top-right corner where you can enter the URL of the pharmacy site and click a button to check whether the pharmacy is real or it is fake. Also, you will find a list of verified Canadian drug stores on the CIPA website. These are the stores which have been verified to work perfectly. Using these sites can be potentially safe for you as the medication buyer.

Best Online Canadian Pharmacy

Everyone is looking to shop from a perfect online drugstore. This is the reason why the searches related to purchasing medications online in Canadian drugstores have the Keyword “best online Canadian pharmacy” dominating them. The first thing we would like to note is that there are numerous pharmacies located in Canada which offer their customers perfect services. The problem is identifying them. This is because there are thousands of pharmacies which claim to be located in Canada and out of these, only less than 5% are genuine pharmacies. However, there are some things you can look at which can tell you whether a pharmacy is the best or it is a fake.

The first thing you need to look at is whether an online pharmacy is a CIPA registered member. Before registering any online drugstore, CIPA will investigate it to ensure that it is safe. Don’t just believe the pharmacy is a CIPA member just because it has CIPA’s logo on its website. Rogue pharmacies will use the logo to fool you. Instead, search the pharmacy URL using

Another thing that should be checked is the reviews. Great pharmacies are known to have positive user feedback. You should also check whether the online pharmacy has already been in business for a long time and if it has served a large number of people. Great drug stores will have been in business for over a decade and also served millions of people. To save our readers all the hassle of trying to locate the best online Canadian pharmacy, we have a catalog that has the top-rated Canadian pharmacies which have perfect reviews. Use these pharmacies and you will be safe.

Canada Drugs

Drugs sourced from Canada are much cheaper when you compare their prices with that of the drugs that you buy at your local drugstore. To prove this to you we have the following price list:

Canadian Pharmacy Prices

Canadian Pharmacy Prices

As you can see in this price list, your savings will range between 86% and 97%. Take note that the savings will only be real if you are dealing with a genuine online drugstore. Therefore, check to see whether the pharmacy has CIPA Canada accreditation before buying. Also, our catalog has the top-performing CIPA-approved Canadian pharmacies. You can get your savings from these pharmacies.


CIPA is a Canadian pharmacy regulatory body that has been working to make sure that lesser people get conned by fake online pharmacies claiming that they have their location in Canada. By checking whether a pharmacy is a CIPA member or not, you will get a chance to avoid scam sites. We have checked numerous Canadian pharmacies to save you the trouble. You will find the pharmacies we have determined to be real and safe in our catalog.

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