Cheap Prescriptions Online: Why Consumers Are Into Online Prescription Refill

Cheap Prescriptions Online: Why Consumers Are Into Online Prescription Refill

Yearly, you can notice an increasing price with prescription medicines. This seems to be unending. Not until online pharmacies were introduced and prescription medicines became widely available. With access to Rx medicines thru internet drugstores, ordering a prescription medicine did not just become easier it also became cheaper.

Online prescription refill has become a trend among elderlies who cannot leave their home any time and among people who value their privacy too much. These people don’t want to spend their time talking to strangers just so they can get a prescription. Online pharmacies of today no longer require a prescription because they want to make it easier for their customers to use their service. One example is Pharmacy Mall. Pharmacy Mall is a Canadian online pharmacy that distributes Rx medicines even to customers without a prescription. These prescription medicines are mostly erectile dysfunction drugs, depression medicines, and anxiety medicines.

According to marketing researchers, pricing is the main factor as to why consumers prefer refilling their medicines online than going to their local drugstores. Even with the presence of risks and concerns regarding cheap prescriptions online, the number of people using online pharmacies continues to increase and the number of internet drugstores operating online is not dwindling.

How to Order Cheap Prescription Online

Ordering cheap prescription online is easy. Among the reasons why people are using the internet are:

  • There are more choices with online pharmacies. Say you got a prescription for sildenafil citrate, you can choose from different brands of sildenafil citrate and won’t have to stick with Viagra from Pfizer
  • There are more perks. Say you are ordering 20 tablets of Viagra, most online pharmacies will give you perks such as free pills (free Cialis or Levitra). Additional perks include loyalty bonus and referral bonus
  • There are more discounts. One of the good things about internet drugstores is that they always have coupon codes
  • There are online pharmacies that don’t require a prescription

If you are sure that you want to order your medicine online, the first thing to do is to pick a store to trust. There are thousands of internet drugstores and a quick Google search will surely give you a long list of e-stores to choose from. If you don’t have the time to check each store, you can simply check our list of recommended online pharmacies.

If you prefer to pick your own e-dispensary, just make sure to give it some time and do a research about the said store. It is best to invest a few hours of your time than lose your money or receive a counterfeit medicine from an illegal online pharmacy.

In general, ordering a prescription medicine from the internet follow these steps:

  • Choose your online pharmacy
  • Choose the payment method to use
  • Choose the shipping method to use
  • Choose the freebies you prefer
  • Input your delivery address
  • Make a payment
  • Wait for your order to arrive

Refilling Prescriptions from Pharmacy Mall

If you have not decided which online pharmacy to trust, you can check Pharmacy Mall. Pharmacy Mall offers generic and branded medicines, over the counter, and prescription medicines at a very low price. This Canadian e-dispensary has a wide list of medicines that are available for grab.

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

At Pharmacy Mall, they value customers privacy. They understand that most consumers don’t want to talk about their conditions with other people hence they just want to receive their medication without pouring their heart out to a stranger first. For this reason, Pharmacy Mall does not require a prescription when dispensing a prescription medicine.

Aside from respecting their customers’ privacy, their pricing is also one of the things that customers of Pharmacy Mall love. Pharmacy Mall offers some of the cheapest prescription medicines on the web such as generic Viagra. They offer generic Viagra products for $0.3 per tablet and generic Cialis for $0.68 per tablet. For branded Viagra, it is $2.56 per tablet and $3.72 for a branded Cialis pill. An ED drug is a prescription drug but Pharmacy Mall dispenses it to their customers without asking for a prescription.

Is It Legal to Order Prescription Online Without A Prescription?

Online Prescription

Online Prescription

Ordering a prescription medicine online without a prescription is legal. There are other countries though with strict medical laws prohibiting the importation of Rx medicines without authorization.

If you are planning to order an Rx medicine online and you don’t have a prescription, check with your customs department first if you can do so without facing any legal consequences.

The truth is, importation of prescription medicine is against the law, however, since the price of Rx medicines is continuously sky-rocketing, more and more people are turning a blind eye to this issue and try to get away with their illegal orders in order to save with their medication. Besides, if grandma decides to order a medicine from Canada because she can afford it as compared to the offered price from her local drugstore, who are we to judge her?


Finding cheap prescriptions online is now becoming a practice for most people. This is not surprising knowing how the price of Rx medicines is continuously increasing every year. If we can get away with it legally and ethically, I guess more and more people will rely on online pharmacies in order to continue their medication.

If you are planning to try refilling your prescription online, here are the things that you need to check first:

  • Check if it is legal in your country to receive a parcel that contains medicine from another country. If yes, proceed to the next step
  • Look for an internet pharmacy that you can trust. check our list of legitimate and recommended online pharmacies
  • Compare at least two or three stores, check for pricing, offers, and discounts
  • Be ready with your credit card, process your payment and select a shipping method that will work for you
  • Wait for your order to arrive
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