Online Pharmacies That Do Not Require A Prescription – Convenience and Additional Savings

Prescriptions are a usual requirement of the local pharmacies to customers who will be purchasing prescription drugs. This is the proof that they have paid their doctors a visit and were diagnosed with a health condition that needs a certain prescription drug for their recovery. Local drugstores will only be dispensing prescription medicines to the people that have scripts and would not permit sale to those that don’t have it. But since doctor visits aren’t free, customers have to pay for their prescriptions. It also means that they would have to drop by their doctor’s clinic and get a full health checkup before they are given the scripts. Normal people may have no problem with the prescription fees or the visits but it’s already a big problem for the elderly people and the handicapped living by themselves. It would already take a considerable amount of effort on their part to pay their doctors a visit let alone purchase their meds at the local drugstore.

Thankfully, local drugstores are not the only legitimate places to buy meds from as customers can now buy medicines from licensed online pharmacies. These are online pharmacies that do not require a prescription for their prescription medicines, helping a lot of customers save their effort and money. By not requiring their customers to provide prescriptions, these online pharmacies have also saved the customer’s most important resource of all: time. By eliminating the need to get prescriptions, online pharmacies have freed up a lot of the customer’s time that they can use for other things. They can just buy their medicines right away without any hassles. The strength and money that the buyers will save are also important as they can use them for accomplishing other tasks and buying other things.

Online pharmacies that do not require a prescription also helps customers further by providing medicines at really affordable prices. Local drugstores also have affordable drugs but only a small part of their selection and are not as cheap as what the online pharmacies sell. Online pharmacies are a wiser choice for customers because like local drugstores, all of their pharmaceutical merchandise are approved by the FDA and safe for use. They also have a wide array of medicines for various uses and applications and all of their branded drugs have available generic counterparts. This provides customers more choices to select from and since generics are much cheaper, they’ll be able to purchase more for their needs.

Online Pharmacies That Do Not Require A Prescription – Convenience and Additional Savings


Generic medicines are just as excellent as the branded meds since they also use the exact same active ingredients. Customers can expect similar results with their branded meds since generic meds are also FDA-approved. The only difference that they have with the branded ones is the manufacturer. They have a different manufacturer but it’s basically the same medicine with the same effects. Online pharmacies like Pharmacy Mall, that do not require a prescription promotes the use of generic medicines to its customers so that they will be able to get well physically while taking more savings home.

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Online Pharmacies: Avoid the Frauds

But even if purchasing medicines online is convenient and easy, there are also risks that the customers should take into consideration. A large population of the online pharmacies on the web are composed of the legitimately-operating ones but there are also fake and fraudulent pharmacies that buyers should be careful to avoid. What makes the counterfeit online drugstores dangerous is they have the appearance of a genuine drugstore that’s why many customers are getting tricked. The goal of these scammer-operated sites is only to steal from the unsuspecting people so buyers should beware of them.

Customers need not worry because there are easy ways to identify them even if they have the interface of a legal online drugstore. Buyers should always check the domain name of the pharmacy and look for the HTTPS and the padlock icon. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It means that all the data (forms, credit card numbers, personal info) that are being sent by the customer to the website is secure and encrypted, preventing any third party and other outside sources from intercepting the information.

HTTP Sites Unsafe

If buyers only see HTTP on the domain name of the pharmacy that suits their fancy, they should look for a different one. HTTP sites are not for online pharmacies and if they are, they are likely counterfeit.

How to Buy Safely from an Online Pharmacy

The safest way in buying at an online pharmacy for the first time is to use fixed-amount credit cards. Just in case a customer mistakenly orders from a fake pharmacy site, their accounts would remain safe and their losses would be limited to the amount on the fixed limit card that they have used. But prior to choosing an online pharmacy to buy from, customers should first check the recommendations of the independent pharmacy sites to give them the list of reliable and trusted internet drugstores. This will save them a lot of time from browsing many different sites or from trial and error since these stores are already established and certified safe.

LegitScript, a Fraud-Checking Site

To be safe customers can also use the services provided by fraud-checking websites to determine if a site is legitimate or not. Sites like LegitScript provide comprehensive background information to users concerning a certain website upon request. This will allow the customers to know the site they are looking at before even making a purchase.

Online Pharmacy: Canadian Pharmacy Prescription Drugs

Canadian online pharmacies as well don’t require their customers to provide prescriptions whenever they purchase prescription meds. Buyers can just select the medicines that they need and proceed to the checkout page for payment and order processing. Prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies are also cheap, having prices that are 70% to 90% less than the medicines at the local drugstores.

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A lot of convenience can be had by customers in shopping their medications from online pharmacies that do not require a prescription. It will give them additional savings since they no longer have to pay for prescriptions and it will also save their time. The prescription meds that they will get are also of good quality and approved by the FDA. For a list of reliable online pharmacies that do not require prescriptions, check our list of top recommended pharmacies.

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