Blue Sky Pharmacy – Canadian Local Pharmacy You Can Trust

Drugstores are highly essential to the consumers since they are able to provide access to medicines and other merchandise that can help improve any person’s quality of life. Because of the significance of drugstores to human health and wellness, we can find pharmacies everywhere, regardless of country we’re in.

Blue Sky Pharmacy – Canadian Local Pharmacy You Can Trust

Blue Sky Pharmacy Shop

Blue Sky Pharmacy is an example of a pharmacy—it is an independent pharmacy (this means that it is not affiliated with any pharmacy network. Blue Sky Pharmacy is located in Canada (Ontario). This pharmacy, although it has its own website, is only catering to consumers face-to-face.

Blue Sky Pharmacy Website

There is not much information on Blue Sky Pharmacy from its website and it is not clear why the shop put up the website considering there is nothing on the site save for the company’s phone numbers, a link to the shop’s social media profiles, and an appointment-booking form for patients who want to book a consultation with a doctor. Apparently, the Blue Sky Pharmacy drugstore also has a walk-in clinic called “Living Water”, so patients without scripts may get the medicines they need after the consultation.

Apart from those features, there are no other elements on the Blue Sky Pharmacy website, which leads us to speculate that the store is more active in face-to-face sales than online transactions.

Blue Sky Pharmacy Reviews

Although Blue Sky Pharmacy is a physical drugstore, the shop was able to gain customer reviews for its performance in the past years. Blue Sky Pharmacy customers were able to leave their comments for the drugstore on various platforms like Yelp and even Facebook.

Blue Sky Pharmacy only has one review from a client on Yelp and the shop’s profile on the platform was a bit incomplete. However, it appears that the details for the store, like the address and the website, were consistent with the pharmacy’s website information.

Blue Sky Pharmacy Review on Yelp

Ken M reviewed Blue Sky Pharmacy in October 2017 and he gave the physical pharmacy a rating of 5 out of 5 points. According to him, he visited the pharmacy for prescriptions for his elderly parents and was well-pleased about the shop being utterly organized. He was also grateful to the drugstore for helping him apply for government subsidies for his parents’ medicines—he was surprised that the shop assisted him in this regard considering he’s never experienced this type of hospitality before from his other peers. He ended his review by saying that buyers will get “actual care” they need on Blue Sky Pharmacy, unlike on “big box stores”.

Blue Sky Pharmacy Facebook Reviews

Apart from the Yelp testimonial for Blue Sky Pharmacy, the store also had its customer reviews from its clients on Facebook. All of the reviews for the store were positive and it appears that its buyers were satisfied by Blue Sky Pharmacy.

According to John Philip, who rated Blue Sky Pharmacy 5/5 points, the people on Blue Sky Pharmacy and the place was “awesome” and that the shop offered ease of access.

Youstina Maged also rated the store excellently (5 out of 5) and mentioned that she loved the place and the friendly staff.

Blue Sky Pharmacy Facebook Review

The other buyers also found the Blue Sky Pharmacy staff quite friendly. According to Germaine Erian, Blue Sky Pharmacy offered her “amazing service” and the best prices for her medicines. Just like the other users, she also emphasized about the store’s staff being friendly

Blue Sky Pharmacy Facebook Review

Raouf Maoud also had the same comment for Blue Sky Pharmacy staff—according to him, the store’s staff was friendly and the pharmacist on the store was “willing to help”.

Overall, customers were happy with their overall experience with Blue Sky Pharmacy and would possibly order again from the physical pharmacy.

Blue Sky Pharmacy Canada Promos

Blue Sky Pharmacy did not have promotional offers posted on its website, but the shop had a few deals in store for its consumers on its Facebook page. Here’s an image grabbed from the shop’s FB profile:

Blue Sky Pharmacy Deals

According to this store’s information, it accepts “all drug plans”, which makes the shop preferable to patients with insurances, health plans, or government subsidies for healthcare. Apart from this, the drugstore also offers the following:

  • Free delivery (patients need to contact the shop for more details on this)
  • 10% discount for seniors
  • $2.00 co-pay waived for ODB patients

Buyers are urged to contact the store’s numbers or message the shop using its social media profiles for more information on the store’s offers. Since this is a physical pharmacy, patients can also pay Blue Sky Pharmacy a visit, if they are nearby.

Blue Sky Pharmacy Toronto Contact Information

The Blue Sky Pharmacy publicly advertises its address and phone numbers so it can assist consumers with their medical needs. Apart from the contact numbers, the drugstore also has an online appointment/booking feature on its website for patients who want to book an appointment with the Living Water Walk-In Clinic’s doctor.

Here are the contact details for Blue Sky Pharmacy:


1176 St Clair Ave W, Toronto,

ON M6E 1B4

Phone number:

(416) 901 1417

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:30 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Sunday: Closed

Apart from these contact details, consumers can reach Blue Sky Pharmacy through its Facebook and Instagram profiles.


Blue Sky Pharmacy is an independent physical drugstore slash walk-in clinic located in Ontario, Canada. This store only serves face-to-face buyers, but its social media profile indicates that it does delivery for nearby consumers. Blue Sky Pharmacy had good reviews from its customers; based on the reviews for the drugstore, customers were happy with the store’s products and its staff since the store had good prices and also had friendly staff. Although this pharmacy had a website, the store does not cater to online buyers, which means that you would have to use another site for online purchases. If you’re nearby, you can use Blue Sky Pharmacy, but if you need reliable web drugstores, you should take a look at our website suggestions (Top Online Pharmacies) so you can shop safely for your meds online.

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