Canadian Pharmacies That Ship to The US: Where to Source Cheap Meds

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Canadian Pharmacies That Ship to The US: Where to Source Cheap Meds

We have been going through the medications price lists available in the US pharmacies. One thing we have noticed is that these stores are making a lot of money by taking advantage of the fact that people have to use medications. They know no matter what the situation is, when someone needs to use meds to cure a health complication, he or she has to find a way to get the medication. The local stores have hiked the prices such that they are over 80% more than the prices we found being offered by Canadian pharmacies which operate on the internet. To show you that this is the truth, see the following price list:

As you can see in the above price list which we have obtained from a 100% genuine Canadian pharmacy, the savings range between 86% and 97%. After seeing these kinds of savings, people located in the United States usually wonder which pharmacies they can use to source their medications from Canada. Before we can answer this question, we would like to warn you of the numerous pharmacies available online which are looking to steal from people. They will offer low prices to get you to think you are getting a chance to save while they are trying to manipulate you and then disappear the moment when you pay. Caution has to be exercised always when you are buying your drugs online.

Best Canadian Pharmacies Shipping to the US

The web has both untrustworthy drug stores and those which can be trusted. You will never have the ability to distinguish between fake Canadian pharmacies and real pharmacies that easily. If you look at an online drugstore that is being operated by a scammer, it will look exactly the same as an online pharmacy that is genuine. There are factors we have identified over the years which can be used to prove whether a pharmacy is fake or it can be trusted. We will be describing these to you.

Canadian Pharmacy Shipping Methods

Canadian Pharmacy Shipping Methods

The first factor that you need to consider is testimonials. These are the comments people leave after dealing with an online pharmacy. People express their feelings regarding the kind of services they got from the online pharmacy. You will get to know whether the pharmacy you are about to deal with is real or it is fake after you read these comments. Any Canadian pharmacy that has shipped previously to the US successfully and offered satisfactory services to their customers will always have nice customer comments. Fake stores will have negative testimonials.

The age of an online pharmacy matters a lot. New pharmacies have a very high likelihood of being scam stores. Genuine stores are usually older. Their age proves that they have offered great services to their customers previously. This has given these customers the confidence to keep buying from the online pharmacy and also refer their friends to the store. Fake stores fail fast given that they lack buyers.

Scam sites’ owners are becoming smarter. They are creating fake testimonials, lying about how long they have been in business and also indicating they are serving millions of customers. This can fool you. Therefore, trying to identify which pharmacy you should trust is not a very great idea. Instead, you can opt to buy your meds from Canadian pharmacies which have been delivering medications to the US citizens for over a decade and a half and offered quality services such that they only have positive comments from the US citizens. You will find these types of online drug stores in our catalog.

Is it Legal to Import Medications to the United States?

This question needs an answer that you can relate to. We, therefore, decided instead of being too opinionated, we would offer you the chance to get the answer from someone who has a lot of knowledge regarding mail order Canadian pharmacies. We searched the web and came up with the following perfect answer:

Buying Meds from Canada

Buying Meds from Canada

Brock is a man who has held an executive position at an international mail-order pharmacy for 12 years. He says that you only need to focus on importing FDA approved drugs, non-controlled substances, and also have a prescription for your meds and you will be good. He also adds that if you have to import non-FDA approved drugs into the US, you will need to import less than 90-day supply since the US Custom and Border Services will not enforce the non-FDA approved meds law if the supply is for 90 days only.

Brock says that Millions of Americans continue to order their medications on a daily basis from licensed mail-order pharmacies around the web. He encourages you to be careful and only use CIPA approved Canadian pharmacies.

What you can get from Brock’s answer is that getting your meds shipped from Canada is not illegal. You only need to keep the supply under 90 days and also avoid controlled substances.

Canadian Pharmacies Mail Order

People sourcing their meds from Canadian pharmacies usually order these meds on a regular basis. The best way to get your meds delivered to you from Canada is through mail order.

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

This method is cheap and your drugs will always be at your doorstep at the correct time. If you are using a genuine Canadian pharmacy you should receive your drugs in a period that does not exceed 21 days. If you require prescription meds to maintain your health, you can avoid skipping your dosages by placing your order about a month before you run out so that you can give the drugstore enough time to ship your meds.


There are many Canadian pharmacies shipping to the US. The best of these pharmacies are available in our catalog. You will get your meds on time if you use these pharmacies. Since mistakes to happen and your package may get lost, you won’t have to worry about anything. The Canadian pharmacies in our catalog will refund you and also reship lost packages for free.

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