Canadian Drugstore Reviews: Are Web Drug Stores Operating from Canada Safe?

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Canadian Drugstore Reviews: Are Web Drug Stores Operating from Canada Safe?

Canada is a country that is usually glorified due to offering medications which are both cheap and high-quality. This is the reason many people located in countries like the United States and other parts of the world decide to order their meds from Canadian web stores. Scammers who get their revenue through the use of shady methods on the web watch every move online drug buyers make that can help them steal from more people have noted a large number of people are buying drugs from Canada. They have therefore set up fake online pharmacies and indicated that these are located in Canada. To avoid being conned, people are looking for ways to find out whether an online pharmacy is genuine before shopping. One perfect method is through reading the pharmacy reviews.

When it comes to using reviews, not all customer testimonials are genuine. We have noticed that online pharmacies being operated by scammers are creating their owner enticing reviews and placing them on their testimonials page on their website. If you happen to read these reviews, you will be convinced that you are dealing with a genuine Canadian drugstore. The best reviews you can consider trusting should be available on an external site. This will ensure you that the Canadian drugstore being reviewed doesn’t have the ability to make any changes to the reviews and hence keeping them genuine.

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

It is important to note that there are genuine Canadian pharmacies. If this is true, we should have the ability to locate Canadian drugstore reviews which support this. We have already looked for these reviews. The reviews we are about to present to you were not on the pharmacy official site but on Pharmacy Checker. This means they are genuine since the reviewed Canadian pharmacy never had access to the testimonials:

Canadian Drugstore Reviews (source: https://www

Canadian Drugstore Reviews

Brian uses a Canadian drugstore to source medications for his parents. He calls the pharmacy and speaks with the reps since it makes him feel comfortable when he is ordering medications for his Mom and dad. He says that the reps have never disappointed him. They are always friendly and very helpful. The delivery time is usually pretty quick. He recommends ordering meds when you still have a 1 month supply left.

Nadia says that she orders her birth control pills form a Canadian drugstore. She says that she has been using a Canadian drugstore for a long time such that she doesn’t see herself ordering the medication from a regular store. Ordering online is both convenient and easy for her. She encourages her friends to order from Canada if they cannot afford their medications in the US.

Kate says that she has been sourcing her husband’s heart medication from a Canadian pharmacy since they lost their health insurance. She says that she enjoys pretty incredible savings. The meds are even cheaper in the Canadian pharmacies than what they paid when they had insurance coverage. The delivery time is not too bad. She says that she receives her meds in just a couple of weeks.

The above comments apply to a very small portion of drug stores located in Canada. To help you avoid scammers, we have compiled a list of the pharmacies available online which have the above reviews and placed them in our catalog. People who have used this catalog have reported huge savings and perfect services.

Canadian Drugstore Viagra

If you locate a perfect Canadian pharmacy that has nice customer reviews, you will have the ability to buy yourself Viagra pills which are over 70% cheaper than in the local stores if you are buying brand Viagra and over 90% cheaper if you are buying generic Viagra. The price for brand Viagra in the local stores is 70 dollars on average. The price for the same medication online is as follows:

Canadian Drugstore Brand Viagra Price

Canadian Drugstore Brand Viagra Price

The highest price anyone will be required to pay for a brand Viagra pill in the Canadian stores as you can see in the above price list is 18.51 dollars. This is equivalent to saving 73.56%. If you buy the Viagra pill from New Zealand, you get to pay $14.70 for a pill. This saves you 79%.

Canadian Drugstore Generic Viagra Price

Canadian Drugstore Generic Viagra Price

If you decide to buy generic Viagra, you reduce the price for a pill to a mere $3.61. This is a price that you can reduce even further by purchasing generic Viagra in bulk. The drug is available at only $1.01 for buyers who buy 360 pills.

Don’t believe all pharmacies displaying low prices on their sites. Most are scam sites trying to take your money without delivering anything to you. To avoid receiving fake Viagra or losing your money, check our catalog and use the pharmacies available.

Canadian Drugstore Mail Order

Reviews left behind by previous Canadian drugstore users will tell you whether you will get your medications delivered to you as fast as you want or you may have to wait for too long before these meds arrive. Canadian pharmacies which have nice reviews will deliver your meds in a period that does not exceed 21 days. These stores offer their customers a 100% money back guarantee.

Trust Pharmacy

Trust Pharmacy

If your package gets lost by mistake during the mail order delivery process, the stores will be ready to reship it for free.


Reviews are a very important factor that you need to consider when choosing a Canadian drugstore to shop from. They will help you know whether the drugstore can be trusted or it cannot. You should take the reviews you find on a pharmacy site with a grain of salt since scam sites are known to craft their own fake reviews and place them on their websites. The best reviews are usually available on third-party reviews collecting sites. We have investigated Canadian pharmacies and compiled a list of the drug stores which have perfect reviews. You can see these Canadian pharmacies on our top-rated list.

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