Buying Pain Pills in Mexico: Is This Legal?

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Buying Pain Pills in Mexico: Is This Legal?

Pain is a very common health complication. There are very few people who can say that they have never had to deal with pain. Local pharmacies look for every chance they can use to get more money from people. Pain being a complication that affects almost everyone, the local pharmacies know that they can raise the prices that people pay for pain medications as high as they want and people will still buy them. People buying their pain meds from local pharmacies are not aware of one thing: medications can be obtained online at a price which is over 70% cheaper than what they pay in the local pharmacies. One of the prominent countries having drug stores on the web is Mexico. A good example of a Mexican online pharmacy is the one indicated below:

The fact that people can get their pain pills delivered to them from the comfort of their home feels too good to be true. For some customers, it appears as if they are doing something illegal. We decided to determine whether ordering pain meds from Mexico is illegal. What we realized is that as long as you have a prescription for the pain medications you are getting, you will not be getting into any trouble. To avoid getting into trouble with the law, you only need to avoid buying controlled substances which also double up as pain medications.

Mexican Pain Medication Prices

People are ordering their pain medication from a country which is miles away and having to wait for days before the meds arrive because they want to save their hard-earned cash. To us, it seemed logical to show people who have never bought their pain meds from Mexico the amount of money they will be paying for these meds and how much money they will be saving. To do this, we looked for a genuine Mexican pharmacy and captured the prices that it had for its pain medications. Here are the prices:

Mexican Pain Medications Price

Mexican Pain Medications Price

The above price list has a comparison for the price you get in the local stores, the savings you get by simply sourcing your pain medications from Mexican pharmacy and the amount you pay for the meds in the Mexican pharmacy. The first pain medication available is manufactured by Pfizer. It is known as Azulfidine Sulfasalazine. 60 tabs will cost you $142.19 in the local pharmacies. When you buy the same medication in a Mexican pharmacy, you pay $99.10 less. You only pay $43.09 which is equivalent to paying 30%. The second pain medication is known as Buscapina Butylscopolamine. For 36 tabs, you have to pay $108.39 in the local stores. When you buy the medication in a Mexican pharmacy, you get to save 70% which is the same as saving $75.54 and paying only $32.85.

In general, you will always get to save 70% on all your pain pills when you are buying them from a Mexican pharmacy. Never buy from a pharmacy online just because its price list shows that it offers cheap medications that you can use to treat your pain. 95% of online drug stores are fake. Make sure your meds originate from a real online pharmacy. Genuine online drug stores can be found in our catalog.

Best Mexican Pharmacy to Buy Pain Pills

Choosing from the thousands of Mexican pharmacies on the web claiming to be real and offering the cheapest meds can be a hard task. This is what prompts many people who are looking to buy their pain meds to ask whether there is one Mexican pharmacy on the web that they can trust. The answer to this question is that there are many great Mexican pharmacies. You just need to know how you can identify one from the sea of scam stores.

First, you need to locate the pharmacy testimonials. These will help you know whether the pharmacy has served its clients well before you. If you manage to find many reviews written by happy reviewers, then, you can consider trusting the Mexican pharmacy. If it is impossible to locate the reviews, you need to avoid the pharmacy even if it has enticing prices. Another thing you can consider looking at is whether the pharmacy is licensed. Also, you should check the number of people the drugstore serves. A good online pharmacy should be serving many people.

Trying to determine whether an online pharmacy satisfies all the above factors can be a hard task. A better way to avoid scams without wasting all your time is to use pharmacies which have been investigated and proven to be operating genuinely. We have a list of these drug stores in our catalog. You will get to save over 90% on your meds when you use the pharmacies in the catalog.

Mail Order Mexican Pain Pills

If you use reputable Mexican pharmacies, you should not worry about the delivery. The reputable pharmacies usually deliver their drugs within 2 to 3 weeks. These meds will arrive safely in your post box. You should also be kept updated about the shipping process. You also should not worry that you may end up losing your money. Reputable Mexican pharmacies will allow you to pay using credit cards.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards

This means that you will have the ability to dispute your charges in case you don’t receive your pain pills. Also, when a great Mexican pharmacy loses your package, it should either refund you your money or reship another package for free.


Mexican pharmacies may be a long way from where you live. But, the good news is that you have the ability to source your meds from these pharmacies quite easily. All you need is a computer and internet access. That way, you will get your meds delivered to your door at a price that is 70% cheaper.

The internet is full of scammers. If you have to avoid these scammers, you have to stick to using proven online pharmacies. Find the best online drug stores in our catalog. Use them to save both your money and health.

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