Buy Pain Meds Online Overnight: is this Possible?

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Buy Pain Meds Online Overnight: is this Possible?

Pain is a very common health complication. It affects the majority of the people in the world. This health defect is known for being random. It may affect someone even when he or she is not expecting it. For this reason, it is important to know whether you have the ability to order pain meds online overnight and receive them without having to undergo a lot of problems. Before we can answer this question, it is important that we let you know that you need to be very careful when you are buying your drugs online. Currently, NABP reports that there are more than 35000 pharmacies on the web. Every day, 20 more stores are created. Out of all these pharmacies, the genuine pharmacies do not reach even a 10th.

This shows that even if you plan on buying your pain drugs online overnight, care has to be taken in order to ensure that you don’t end up with some fake meds which will intensify your pain. There is a reason as to why most people making their overnight orders online. Local stores will never dispense drugs without a prescription. However, the big question is, is ordering pain online overnight safe?

Is Ordering Pain Meds Online Overnight Safe?

If you are ordering your pain meds online and you are doing this overnight, chances are that you don’t have a prescription. The drugs considered to be prescription drugs vary in different countries. But, there is one rule that applies everywhere, buying prescription meds without a valid prescription script from the real doctor is against the law. We checked Quora and found that they had discussed the question about ordering meds online without a prescription, here are some of their answers:

Buying Prescription Drugs Without a Prescription

Buying Prescription Drugs Without a Prescription

Dan says that prescription drugs have to be taken with a prescription. He says that a pharmacy that would agree to sell a prescription drug without a prescription script is acting against the law. He adds that you should not trust drugs that you get from such pharmacies.

Buying Drugs Online

Buying Drugs Online

Nita says that prescriptions are there for a reason. The drugs which need prescription scripts have a high strength than the normal over the counter meds. They carry more risks. She says that if you receive prescription meds without a prescription, they will be illegal.

Now that we are clear that ordering drugs which require a prescription without the prescription is not a good idea, let’s answer our initial question. To answer the question, we need to understand that there are two groups of pain meds. The first group is the Opioids (Narcotics). These include Codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, methadone, and more. Narcotics are controlled substances and hence they need a prescription from a valid doctor. This means that these are not the type of pain medication that you will order overnight. If you manage to find a pharmacy that will deliver them to you without asking for a prescription, the chances of these meds being fake are very high.

The second group is made up of over the counter drugs that help in relieving pain. A good example is Tylenol which contains Acetaminophen as the active ingredient. Others include Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). These include ibuprofen and naproxen. If you are going to order your pain meds overnight, you will have to ensure that you are ordering the over the counter drugs. Also, ensure that they are coming from proven pharmacies. This will save you the pain of dealing with some fake pills. If you are going to order the over the counter drugs, what price should you expect?

Over the Counter Pain Meds Online Price

There are numerous pain meds that can be sold over the counter. All these will have different prices. One common medication available is known as Aleve. The active ingredient in it is Naproxen. The prices of this drug are as follows:

Aleve Cost Online

Aleve Cost Online

The price begins at only $1.19 for a pill. This is when you purchase the smallest package which contains only 30 pills. The price decreases as you increase your pills. You save $13.57 by simply doubling the number of pills from 30 to 60 pills. When you purchase a package that has 360 pills in it, your prices reduce to only $0.77 per pill. This will give you a chance to save $149.31.

Prices should not be the sole reason as to why you buy from a pharmacy. This is because many pharmacies are not real but they offer low prices to entice you. If you want to successfully buy pain meds online overnight success, you have to source them from a reputable pharmacy. The best over the counter pain medications sellers are in our catalog.

Paying for Pain Meds Online Overnight

To pay for pain meds safely, you will need to use your credit card. Using a credit card ensures that you have the ability to dispute the charges that an online pharmacy makes on your credit card. If you happen to deal with a scammer without knowing and you end up not receiving your order, your bank can help you get your funds back. It is important to avoid gambling with your money and health. Some websites pretend to be drug stores while their major aim is to steal credit card data. It is important that you avoid random stores.


If you are looking to buy pain meds online overnight, you will need to buy over the counter drugs. This will help you avoid getting into trouble with the law. Also, you will avoid receiving fake pain meds from online pharmacies that claim they will sell you prescription meds without requiring a prescription. The top pharmacies that sell pain meds at the best prices are available on our top-rated catalog. Using this catalog will guarantee you of fast delivery. This will keep your pain suffering to the minimum. You will also receive real drugs and not fake pills which will not produce the effect that you are looking for.

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