Aseptic Necrosis Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes

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Aseptic Necrosis Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes

Symptoms of Aseptic Necrosis

Aseptic necrosis first starts with painless symptom. First, the symptom not understood by the patient but as the blood supply totally stops, the joint or the bone completely swells up leading to excessive pain on that part. Suppose aseptic necrosis develops on the hip joint of the bone then with the increase in weight the pain in the hip will develop leading to total disability. The pain gradually develops, as the patient does not feel before the pain. However, as soon as the pain detected the patient should immediately see the doctor and get it treated.

Diagnosis of Aseptic Necrosis

When the excessive pain occurs, the patient should immediately see the doctor. The doctor will do full diagnosis of the patient and will ask the patient about the history of the family regarding health issues. Then he will perform series of tests to get to the conclusion regarding the exact cause of the diseases. Diagnostics tests are done to be sure about the problem. Bone test, x-rays, biopsy, bone scan, computerized Tomography need to be done to get to the exact root of the problem. X-ray help to get to know about the correct problem as aseptic necrosis can be thought as by rheumatoid arthritis. MRI is the most sensitive stage to know the problem at the ground or the initially stage. Proper diagnosis is important for treatment of the diseases otherwise it can turn chronic where even the patient can lose life of go for permanent disability for life.

Treatment for Aseptic Necrosis

Firstly treating diseases like aseptic necrosis is critically as the damage is completely done to the bone. However, if the diseases are diagnosed at a early stage then the diseases can be treated.  An operation called core decompression is done which heals the diseases. This operation is complicated as the grafting is done to the bone and a new bone is attached to the place. It leads to the follow of blood to the bone and the bone cured again.

Can aseptic necrosis be prevented?

Early diagnosis of the diseases can prevent the diseases. If the diagnosis is made late then it can turn critically. Treatment has to start immediately so that the diseases are prevented. Proper exercise, taking calcium supplement, less obesity to keep the bones healthy can lead to the prevention of the diseases.

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