Adv-Care Pharmacy – Affordable Meds On-the-Go

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Adv-Care Pharmacy – Affordable Meds On-the-Go

Adv-Care Pharmacy is a local Canadian pharmacy that supplies prescription and over the counter medications to its clients. This drugstore is not only operating locally but it also has an online website which the customers from outside Canada can visit and place their orders. Adv-Care Pharmacy is located at 195 Riviera Dr. Unit #2, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 5J6 and local customers can pay it a visit.

Adv-Care Local Pharmacy

Adv-Care Local Pharmacy

Local Canadian drugstores like Adv-Care Pharmacy are so much different compared to their US counterparts, especially the corporate drugstore chains. The prices of the meds from there are so expensive that customers struggle just to afford a few pills of their needed drugs. As a result, patients don’t get the right treatment that the effective medicines can give. But the costs of medicines should no longer be a problem since customers can get their meds from Adv-Care Pharmacy for lower prices, saving their money for their other needs.

Like other online pharmacies, customers are first required to register before they can make any purchases at Adv-Care Pharmacy. Guest purchases are not possible and all customers must proceed to the registration page before they can check their orders out. But the registration process is easy and it can be finished within just a few minutes. Once customers finish registering, they should log-in using the username and the password that they have created to continue their shopping. Finding medicines at Adv-Care Pharmacy’s site is simple. On the top part of its webpage, there is a search box where buyers can simply put the name of the drug they’re looking for. Regardless if it’s a brand name or the drug’s generic name, the search results will appear with the medicine that the buyer is trying to find.

What makes Adv-Care Pharmacy better than others is that it has a mobile app that can be downloaded. This program is the entire Adv-Care Pharmacy website integrated into a small mobile application for customers who are on the go. Using this app, they can order their needed medicines from wherever they are and even make their payments using it. The only payment means that is accepted by Adv-Care Pharmacy on its website and on its mobile app are credit and debit card payments. All major credit and debit cards such as American Express, Maestro, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover can be used for payment and then customers can have their orders shipped to their home address or any location of their choice.

For customers who have questions or anything they would like to ask from Adv-Care Pharmacy, they can contact its phone hotline which is (905) 948 1991. Customers service representatives are always on the other end of the line to provide assistance from Monday to Sunday, 9 o’clock in the morning until 5 PM, EST. In sending their prescriptions, customers can also use Adv-Care Pharmacy’s fax number which is (905) 948 0464 and unlike its customer service hotline, they can fax their prescriptions anytime.

As an online drugstore, Adv-Care Pharmacy is certified by Pharmacy Reviewer, an independent pharmacy review site, and Pharmacy Checker, a known pharmacy verification program.

OCP Logo

OCP Logo

It is also certified by the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP), a registering and regulating body for pharmacies in Ontario where Adv-Care Pharmacy’s license number is 38132.

Best Canadian Online Pharmacy

Because of the great number of Canadian online pharmacies on the web today, it would not be possible to find the single best since there are variations with the prices and services that they offer. But one thing is for sure, Canadian online pharmacies are among the best pharmacies around because of their dedication to excellent customer service and their providing of high-quality medicines at low costs. The low costs of the meds they sell has been their trademark and long before online pharmacies were on the business, Canadian pharmacies are already known for this good practice.

Pharmacy Mall, One of the Best Canadian Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy Mall, One of the Best Canadian Online Pharmacy

The reason for this is simple. Unlike the US-based pharmacies that source its products from US-based pharma companies with overpriced medications, Canadian online pharmacies source their meds directly from GMP-certified drug manufacturers in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Turkey, and Australia. The costs of medicines from these countries are low but their quality is the same as the US brands, making them great alternatives which will give customers great savings.

Online Pharmacy

Though online pharmacies are reliable and convenient sources of medicines, customers are still advised to be cautious to avoid counterfeit online drugstores that could put the customers in serious danger. These fake pharmacies have the appearance of a genuine pharmacy but if customers will carefully check, they will find out that these stores are bogus. To avoid falling for these schemes made by scammers, buyers should only go for the online pharmacies that have been recommended by independent pharmacy review sites. The US Government have already started the crackdown on these fake drugstores and have already shut down thousands of them. But since new fakes are created every day, buyers should still be wary and only trust pharmacies that have good approval ratings.

One of the best methods in proving if an internet pharmacy is genuine is by checking its domain name on fraud-checking websites. This service offered by these helpful sites are for free and people should take advantage of them. Their database is reliable and unbiased, helping customers be safe from the threats that bogus online pharmacies pose. To check an online pharmacy’s domain name, users should simply put the site’s domain on the box supplied by the fraud-checking site. After that, customers should just hit enter and all the necessary information that will tell on whether a site is rogue or legit will appear.


Adv-Care Pharmacy is a local pharmacy that sells affordable and effective meds. It is located in Ontario, Canada but it also has a website where customers can place their orders and have them shipped to their address. It also has a mobile app that customers who are on-the-go could use to save time. For other online drugstores that has the same great offers as Adv-Care Pharmacy, check our top list of online pharmacies.


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