Accessrx Scam: Licensed Pharmacy Located in the US

Accessrx Scam: Licensed Pharmacy Located in the US

Accessrx is a US-based online pharmacy that has been in operation since 1998 and since then, thousands of prescriptions have been filled. has been verified by health bodies such as the FDA and has been providing credible services to all its customers. The pharmacy is run by professional pharmacists who ensure that customers who order medications from them will get the right drugs.

The assortment of medications that are stocked at Accessrx is limited to only what the FDA has approved which are mostly brand medications. This means that the prices of medications that are stocked at the pharmacy are very high, unlike other online pharmacies that sell cheap generic medications.  This will be a huge drawback as customers will pay the same high cost for their medications despite buying from an online pharmacy.

Accessrx has been found in possession of medications that had not been approved and new drugs that were misbranded. As a result, the department of health and human services in the US issued a warning to the pharmacy asking them to cease marketing unapproved medications to people of the United States.

The approval of Accessrx by LegiScript remained pending for some time as that it is had not met all the requirements that would have led to its approval. However, the approval was granted in 2005 after fulfilling all the requirements that LegitScript demanded.

Accessrx Reputation

Accessrx has been offering exceptional services to their customers as Mr. fired Up has reported. He says that the process of buying medications from the pharmacy is fast right from the selection, confirmation of the order through phone as well as the delivery. He recommends anyone looking for drugs to buy from them.

There are also some conflicting reviews from some of the customers especially those who have purchased from the pharmacy recently. One of these customers is Chris Johnston who says that Accessrx was his favorite pharmacy. He used to enjoy contacting the pharmacy as they used to value the fact that he was purchasing drugs from them. In the recent past, he says that the attitude of the employees at the pharmacy has changed and it is as though they no longer care if he buys from them or not. He says that he longs for those days when he was important to the pharmacy and they appreciated his relationship with the pharmacy.

Another customer says that he would be grateful if he found an alternative to Accessrx as they are turning out to be quite unreliable. He ordered medications from the pharmacy and he stayed for a while without receiving the medications. He says that it is until he contacted them to ask the reason for the delay the pharmacy did not seem to know what was happening. He says that for the two times they pharmacy failed to deliver his order, they did not charge any extra fees for the shipping.

From the reviews that have been sent in by customers, it is notable that the reliability of the pharmacy has changed from being good to not caring whether a customer has received his medications or not. This is not good for business as it will make the pharmacy lose their business.

Below are some of the reviews from customers who have been buying drugs from Accessrx:

Accessrx Customer Reviews

Accessrx Customer Reviews

Accessrx Customer Reviews

Accessrx Customer Reviews

How Does Accessrx Work?

Accessrx is based in the United States and only deals with brand medications that have received approval from the FDA. The pharmacy will require a prescription from a doctor to process orders if the drugs can only be sold when there is a prescription.

If a customer does not have a prescription, he will be required to fill in a medical questionnaire which will be forwarded to an online doctor who works closely with the pharmacy. The doctor will then make a video call to the patient to establish if he indeed needs to take the medications. If he is convinced, he will forward the prescription to the pharmacy and the order will be processed.

If you already have a prescription, you will send it to the pharmacy to facilitate the processing of the order. If you are buying from the pharmacy for the first time, you will be required to open an account with the pharmacy before the processing of the order. An existing customer will simply log into his account and proceed with the ordering process.

Accessrx accepts the use of insurance cards as long as they have the MasterCard sign at the front. If for any reason the pharmacy declines to pay for the medications, the customer will be contacted so that an alternative payment method can be sought.

Some of the Medications Sold at Accessrx

Some of the Medications Sold at Accessrx

Accessrx Legal

Accessrx is legal and has all the certifications that allow it to offer the services of a pharmacy. It has a BBC accreditation where it is rated with an A+ since 2005.

It has also secured the connections to ensure that all the details submitted by customers cannot be accessed by third parties as has been certified by McAfee. GoDaddy has also ensured that all the connections have been encrypted to protect against any intrusion.

A seal of approval from LegitScript is also visible at the pharmacy and many other bodies that are focused on maintaining the security of the customers who buy medications from online pharmacies.

Accessrx has been licensed by the federal government to offer the services of a pharmacy having met all the legal requirements. This means that the businesses that are being conducted through the pharmacy are legal.


Accessrx is a licensed pharmacy located in the US which has been licensed by the US government having met all the requirements. The pharmacy has also been approved by FDA and only stock brand medications that have been approved by FDA. There is a reduction in its rating due to some of the staff who do not care how they talk to the customers buying medications from them. This has led to a loss of business from customers who do not feel appreciated and those whose orders are delayed and the pharmacy does not seem to know of the problem until the issue is reported to them. To be assured of getting the best medications from an online pharmacy, you should only buy from a verified pharmacy. Our list of Top Online Pharmacies will guide you in selecting a credible online pharmacy to buy drugs from.

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