Why it’s important to reflect

Why it's important to reflect

One of the most incredible things you can do as a parent is watch your child interacting with someone other than you. It is easy to forget – day in, day out, all the little things they do with you.

I love watching my daughter with other people. I beam with pride and love.

It is the moment I get to reflect on how amazing she is; how much she has learned, how fast she is growing up.

Just for a few minutes I don’t have to be the one stopping her from eating the grass or hitting the cat with her xylophone stick.

reflecting on my amazing daughter, bottlefor2
I don’t have to chase after her to stop her ingesting a stone.

I’m not on cup stacking duty.

I’m not repeating “no” as she approaches the fireplace.

I just enjoy looking at a funny, beautiful, giggling ball of gorgeousness.

Maybe that is what it is like to be a grandparent? Maybe this is why my parents were so keen, for so long for us “kids” to have babies!

I watch my daughter interacting, and frankly, ‘showing off’ her little tricks. I see the fruits of my labour. (No, not that one).

I mean the stuff I’ve been teaching her all these months. The way she smiles and claps with other people; dances when music comes on. The “clip clop” horsey noise she clucks with her tongue.

“Ah she’s so clever” I say to myself;  grinning, with a little tear in my eye as she waves at the other shoppers on our way out of the supermarket.

The words she uses; the actions and body language we communicate with. I know no-one else understands as many of these as I do, but that’s why we’re special.

The list could go on.

My point is, some days, it is so important to take a step back and watch. If you are lucky enough to get that moment, take it. Memorise it. Cherish it.

You’ll need it the next time you are so tired of the food being chucked on the floor. Use it on the day you feel at the end of your tether.

Recall the memory; reflect back, and think – It’s ok. It’s worth it. She is amazing.


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  • Lovely post. I do this too…seeing Leo with his dad when he finishes work always makes me smile..and when our parents come to stay he always shows off all the new things he’s learnt. I think sometimes when you are with them all the time it can be easy to forget how brilliant they are..you are right though, its so important to cherish these moments to make us smile and help us get through the more difficult moments of parenthood. Xx #TwinklyTuesday

  • I’ve too found it incredible to take a step back and simply realise what’s been happening and the changes that we have all gone through. our daughter is three months old and I can only imagine what she will be like when she too is clapping and singing. It’s a nice thought.
    And a nice post by you 🙂
    Came via #TwinklyTuesday

  • Oh my gosh, have you been reading my mind?! The past month this is ALL I have been doing. Its like watching your favourite little TV star and you’re right, it’s the moment you truly get to appreciate them. It’s like you’re seeing a new side to them (admittedly literally sometimes, rather than just the back of their head in the baby carrier). #twinklytuesday

    • Indeed I have been reading your mind Doctomum. Not really. I just suppose there comes a time when we all do this a little bit or a lot! It depends on how often you actually get to watch them with someone else, rather than being on duty the whole time. Each time I get a chance now though, I will try and take it all in. God knows I need to good bits to remember when I’m caving in over the bad.

  • It’s so true – one of my favourite things is watching Zach when he doesn’t now I’m watching. I often manage to sneak into zach’s room at nursery without him spotting me and just watch him being completely and utterly himself! There’s nothing better than watching that 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  • What a lovely post and so very true! Sometimes parenting can get so hard that we miss these important little things, but it’s so important to stop and cherish them.

  • Aw lovely post! I love seeing Baby with other people, it does make you proud. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  • Such a lovely post and I couldn’t agree with you more. This is just one of the reasons why I love this Loud ‘n’ Proud linky – it’s an opportunity to sit back and reflect, to marvel at our children and to kind of pat ourselves on the back too. Thank you for linking up 🙂

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