Who do you trust with your house keys?

I’m struggling with the idea of getting a cleaner. Not with whether or not I would like someone to clean my house for me, because I would. It’s the weekend, I would like to spend quality time with my family, but all I see is the need to clean the house. I ignored it all week, and there is only so much I can block out in one go. Finding the time to keep the house clean is hard with the little one to look after. A little one who is weaning and chucking food all over the place.
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Plus I have a very fluffy cat. This means that I would love a cleaner. I would probably do what my Mum taught us to do and tidy the house before the cleaner came (I KNOW) but, still. My problem is this: I can’t bring myself to trust one. Bad isn’t it.

What’s even worse is if I can’t bring myself to trust a cleaner with my house keys and my possessions, how on earth will I ever find a child-minder, nanny or nursery I can trust with my baby!

Big topic. Let’s deal with one thing at a time.

I like to believe that no-one ever comes to work to do a bad job. This is something I told myself a lot whilst working in the corporate world if someone surprised me with their stupidity or ignorance. And in fairness they may not have been stupid or ignorant. Just busy prioritising other things or not really understanding what was needed. But they didn’t purposefully try and do something badly. That really would be stupid. So I need to try and have faith.

Also I look at my friends and family and wonder, would I trust any of them with my house keys and possessions? Well, yes. They are my friends and family and I trust them. So one more step on the path towards letting go and trusting… Maybe I should just let my fears go and trust someone. I might be surprised. (Ah the late, great Susan Jeffers would be proud).

Then one day I accidentally see a clip of the Jeremy Kyle show…. Or a letter comes through the door from the police about burglaries on our street and I think twice. You see, sadly there are also people in this world who for one reason or another do set out to do bad things… Or seemingly can’t help themselves from stealing – whether it be their best friend’s boyfriend, who also used to date their sister, (who by the way may or may not be the father… DNA results next) or whether its jewellery from their Nan…. A tenner from their poor old Mum’s wallet or…. OR stuff from my house!!! AGGGHHHHHH. I worry about these people at night.

The thing is, you generally surround yourself with like minded people that you can trust in life and sometimes you need to step out your comfort zone and trust other people too.

It probably doesn’t help that I now live in a reasonably high crime area compared to where I grew up – a very small beautiful village with almost no crime (apart from a double murder next door, how could I forget that, but that was an inside job). I would love to live in the village I grew up in but I am totally priced out of that place. I can’t get a recommendation from someone I trust to share their cleaner as none of the people on my trust list actually live in my town. #firstworldproblems.

Let’s be honest, this isn’t really about the cleaner. It is about our ability to trust people (or my ability to trust people). It’s about a sense of community. It’s about me being brave and branching out into my new area (we moved here just before I fell pregnant, it’s about time). Time to find and build that community which was so important when I grew up. It’s about biting the bullet, trusting your judgement and meeting a few people. As Susan would say, I need to feel the fear and do it anyway! Maybe I should start with a cleaner?

Then perhaps, once I have realised that trusting a cleaner isn’t all that bad, I just might be one more step on the path to trusting a child-minder!

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Is it just me or does anyone else struggle with this?
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  • I am the total opposite. I trust too easily and it has landed me in hot water. I am lucky to have inherited my mom’s cleaner when she moved to CapeTown.
    One part of your post which I found hilarious is that your mother made you tidy up the house before the cleaner came. I thought it was only my mom who did that. We had to do all but mop the floors. I never understood why we had a cleaner in the first place.
    I must say that I at least put my dirty dishes in the sink for the cleaner, but with a baby, she does come to a terribly filthy house every now and then.
    I see this post is from January, so hope you found a cleaner by now (I only discovered your blog today).
    Best wishes

    • Neikie, thanks so much for coming over and loving an old post! I still don’t have a cleaner!! Nearly a year on…part of the reason is financial, and I think part is still trust. I must get a grip.

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