Vipps Approved Canadian Online Pharmacy: Legal Pharmacies in Canada

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Vipps Approved Canadian Online Pharmacy: Legal Pharmacies in Canada

On a daily basis, it is estimated that more than 20 fake online pharmacies crop up. These add themselves to the more than 90% of all the fake pharmacies that are already terrorizing the web by selling fake and unhealthy drugs. There has been the need for regulating online drug stores in order to make sure that they don’t keep messing the lives of patients who are looking to improve their health. This is where VIPPS comes in. In full, VIPPS stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites.

This is a program that has been accrediting websites that offer pharmacy services since 1999. VIPPS allows men and women who are looking to purchase their meds online know that the site that they are ordering from is safe. In order to earn the accreditation by the VIPPS program, the pharmacy has to comply with the inspection and licensing requirements. Many people prefer ordering their medications from Canadian drug stores. This means that these consumers would like to know whether the stores from which they order their drugs are really genuine. So, are there any Canadian Stores that are genuine?

Legit Canadian Stores

There are numerous Canadian Pharmacies online. The majority of them are unsafe for you to use. However, there are real stores also. In Canada, there is an association which is known as CIPA. What CIPA does is that they regulate pharmacies in Canada. In full, CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

CIPA Home Page

CIPA Home Page

Any pharmacy that has an active membership with CIPA is legal. CIPA provides a very easy way to check whether a store is genuine or rogue on their website. All that one needs to do is to enter the store’s domain name on their search tool. Since more and more stores from Canada get their medications orders from people living in foreign countries, these pharmacies have seen the need to comply with VIPPS requirements in order to become accredited. This, in turn, has seen an increasing number of Canadian pharmacies get approved.

It is not easy to tell whether a Canadian pharmacy is real or rogue. This actually involves a lot of research. Due to the fact that rogue and genuine Canadian pharmacies look so much alike, it is possible to end up making the wrong decision without even realizing it. In our top-rated list of Canadian stores, we list all the stores that have been proven to be real. An example of a great Canadian pharmacy that has been offering consumers the best drugs and services is Pharmacy Mall.

Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews

Consumers usually want more tangible evidence that can prove to them they are not going to get ripped off their money when they buy their drugs from a Canadian Pharmacy. For this reason, we have researched online in order to find reviews from people who have purchased their meds from a real Canadian Pharmacy and received them. These reviews should be able to prove to you that there are real Canadian drug stores that have already been approved by VIPPS and other regulatory bodies.

Legit Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://edrugsearch

Legit Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews (source:

A friend of Kristi’s suggested a Canadian Pharmacy to her. Kristi ordered from the pharmacy and she found that they were offering the best prices. She was also able to get a free shipment of her meds. The drugs that she got from the pharmacy cost her 25% of what she would have paid in the local stores. The customer support did not disappoint her and everything was delivered just like the pharmacy had promised her. She will be ordering from them again.

Craig noticed that his Synthroid medication was much more affordable in Canadian stores than in local stores and he was also getting a free shipment. He noticed that the Canadian pharmacy had a great shipping process and great customer service representatives.

Whenever Dalgal’s prescription meds became unaffordable in the local stores, he always ordered them at a much cheaper price from a Canadian store. He had never had an issue with the pharmacy except the fact that he had to order his drugs 3 weeks before his prescriptions were finished.

The above comments tell you that without doubt, legit online stores are available. But this does not mean that every Canadian pharmacy will offer you what you are looking. For you to be safe order from the Canadian pharmacies that we have determined to be real and offer real value to all their customers.

VIPPS Pharmacy Canada Viagra

Viagra is one drug that many scammers use to steal from males. In order to stay safe, males would want to know if there is a real Canadian pharmacy that has been approved to sell this drug. The fact is that there are Canadian Pharmacies which supply the genuine medication both in its generic and brand forms. In its brand form, it’s cost is as follows:

VIPPS Pharmacy Canada Brand Viagra Price

VIPPS Pharmacy Canada Brand Viagra Price

The brand Viagra will cost you only $9.27 for a 100 mg pill. This is a significant reduction from the price that the local drug stores such as CVS will sell the same pill to you. The pill will be sold at a price of $70 locally. Generic Viagra costs even less:

VIPPS Pharmacy Canada Generic Viagra Price

VIPPS Pharmacy Canada Generic Viagra Price

Suhagra which has the same action capabilities just like the brand Viagra will cost you only $0.53 per pill. For the best VIPPS approved Canadian online pharmacies that will sell you the best Viagra, check our catalog and choose one.


VIPPS is a program that was launched by the National Association Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Its major goal is to help reduce the number of fraud cases being committed by online drug stores. This program has been in operation since 1999. Canadian stores have been embracing VIPPS approval over the years and this means that there are pharmacies available that have already been approved. The pharmacies that have been approved provide genuine medications and delivery services. On our catalog, we have included pharmacies that satisfy all the laws that an online pharmacy needs to satisfy before it can be termed as being genuine.

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