The super powers hidden in your make-up bag

The super powers hidden in your make-up bag bottlefor2
I had a very important mission today. It was to get to the shops and buy some waterproof mascara.

A Mascara emergency, if you will.

In my world, mascara is King (or Queen, whatever). It is the ONE item of make-up I would not be without. Even in the new born days, as long as I had a little bit of mascara on, I felt more human and more able to face the world.

I ran out last week.

For years I have always worn waterproof mascara. Instead of just going out and buying a new one, I thought I’d be frugal. I’d use a mascara I already had.

I found a non-waterproof mascara in my dressing table draw. A proper good Lancome one.

I have all sorts of forgotten make-up treats hoarded in my drawers. When you buy a couple of items and then get the ‘free gift’ -yep, got loads of those left. Handy for travelling, but when you hardly ever go anywhere because you’ve had a baby, they just sit there.

The thing is, they never hand out waterproof mascara as a freebie. Only normal ones.

So back to my mascara emergency.

I have lived one week without waterproof mascara.

Big mistake; HUGE!

I have found it is actually not very good for my sanity.

It may not help that I have had a very testing time of it lately, with my baby getting right out of her routine and not sleeping. Being over-tired, unfortunately means being more emotional. This means tears. Which in turn, means big black mascara runs down the face.

Then you have to remove the mascara and reapply! Who has got time for that? NOT ME.

Day to day, as things have been happening, I’ve remembered (too late) that I’m not wearing waterproof mascara. I have had to deal with the shame of the panda eye, smudge face, when I panic-look in the mirror, realising I am without protection!

It’s a bit like that feeling of dread you get when you feel period pains coming on when you are out, (possibly in light coloured trousers) and wondering if you have got any pads / tampons in your handbag! AGGGHHHHH

I was caught out for a week, without the sturdy and emotional protection of my waterproof mascara.

I know it’s a given for weddings, funerals and the like, when tears are inevitable. However the past week has shown me I have three everyday reasons why I must wear waterproof mascara.

1) A night with the girls

I was catching up with some great friends over the weekend, funny friends. Friends who make me cry with laughter. In order to proper let yourself go and have a great time (without having to lick your fingers and wipe you face), waterproof mascara is a must.


My parents came over to take care of my daughter for a couple of hours last week so I could get out the house and go swimming. All in an effort to make me feel better, and get a little break.

Not-so-much fun without waterproof mascara. Especially when you forget you aren’t wearing it. ‘Panda, smudge face’ here was smiling politely at all the other swimmers, and although I did wipe under my eyes in the Jacuzzi, the heat just served as a catalyst. Never again. Waterproof mascara all the way.


You may think me strange, but as someone who is wearied, some things can tip me right over the edge. This week, after a very bad nights sleep, I got up and actually believed my biggest achievement that day was the fact I had managed to wash my hair.

I was exhausted and it was only 8am.

Having used up all my energy getting dressed and washing my hair, I now had to sort out breakfast for the family.

There was no bread in the bread bin.

Deep breath. It’s ok. I can cope with this.

I went to the freezer.

There wasn’t any bread in my normal bread draw.


It’s ok. I can cope with this (I kept saying in my head)

I checked the other draws and bingo! Bread. #Winning

I was so pleased I had overcome my running out of bread hurdle. Phew.

I often toast bread straight from the freezer. I opened up the packet to split up the bread so I could stick it in the toaster.

IT WAS STUCK. I couldn’t separate the bread.

I tried again. And again.


(Not the bread; ME)

I went into meltdown. I had a full on meltdown because that was my final straw of the morning!

I said to my husband “I can’t do it”.


I can’t do it” in a wobbly voice


Mw BA ha ha boo hoo hoo, full on tears. “I caaaannn’t do oo ooo it…. boo ho

And there it was ladies and gentlemen. A proper boo-hoo break down because the bread broke me.

When my husband then came over, wondering what on earth was going on, he saw my streaming panda smudge face and promptly took over breakfast duty. Thinking I had really lost it this time.

The over dramatic mascara face made it seem so much worse than it was. It really did make me look a tragic mess… And although I do have the odd challenge with my mental health from time to time, so much ‘face’ can be saved through the magic of waterproof mascara.

I’m not saying hold it all in and don’t cry. Sometimes you have to let things out. But letting out the odd tear of release in the knowledge you do not need to reapply your make-up is a small sanity saver. A God send.

That morning, on top of everything else, I had to find the time to take the mascara off (my whole face) and start again.

Without the super powers of waterproof mascara I have come undone.

Seriously. I expect to slap on a bit of mascara first thing, and have it last as long as I do.

So today, my mission, my medical emergency (mentally speaking), was to get some bloody waterproof mascara back in my life.

Mission accomplished!

I will wear it like superman’s cape. Safe in the knowledge that a few tears won’t ruin my day (or my face).


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  • Mascara seems an unlikely superpower, but what the heck! If it works ..,, #brilliantblogposts

  • It’s funny the things that makes us crack isn’t it? For me I think foundation wins but mascara is a very close second. That’s more about not having great skin. I love make up! #thelist

    • Hi Laura, yes these days you never know what the final straw will be, but there is always going to be one! I also love make-up but use much less of it now I’m a Mum!

  • I tend to crack out the mascara for special occasions, then realise its so old it has actually cracked itself. I get a cold sweat though it I don’t have my foundation and blusher, though quite frighteningly since having kids I don’t have much time to put it on properly and frequently and up at the preschool gates looking like bobo the clown.
    Hope you’ve got your mascara grove back now! #thelist

    • AH Doctomum! pleased to see you! Honestly, I felt much more secure in the knowledge I had waterproof mascara back towards the end of this week, because its inevitable something will make me cry! or laugh until I cry. So either, or. It is a must!

  • Oh can so identify with those no bread / stuck frozen bread melt down moments … with you on the super power properties of mascara but would add a slather of foundation. Can face the world once I’ve got that!

    • Hi Alice, thanks so much for coming over and commenting. Stuck bread, who knew?
      Yes I agree, foundation is also a life saver but I can live without it if I absolutely have to. Mascara, not so much!

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  • Oh I wish I still had eyelashes to wear mascara! On a similar note, for me I have to wear waterproof eye liner. As I don’t have eyelashes, it creates the ‘illusion’ of eyelashes and if I don’t use waterproof it all starts smudging away I look very strange indeed. A bit like Edward Scissorhands in fact. Waterproof is best! xx

  • I’d forgotten all about water-proof mascara. What an idiot I am – I should have been wearing this stuff for years…for ALL of the reasons you listed above! Crying at adverts is a regular occurrence these days!

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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