The A-Z of me

The A-Z of me

The talented Talya from Motherhood The Real Deal tagged me to write an A-Z of me. Thank you Talya. It has been an interesting exercise!

Having been at home with the baby for the last ten months I wondered whether I was capable of finding 26 things to share about me (some days I almost forget who I am). I decided to take on the challenge, if only to remind myself of life outside of my beautiful baby.

A is for Andrew

The name of my lovely Husband, who I couldn’t live without.

B is for Balance

I have realised the hard way recently, that without balance in my life, I find it hard to be happy. Before I became a Mother it was so much easier to balance my career, my husband, my social life, leisure time etc.

I could manage my time. I could find balance.

It’s so easy to get lost into Motherhood.

My mission over the next few months is to redress that balance, and get back to a well managed me. Being a Mum and everything else too.

C is for Communication

Communication is so important in life, in work, in relationships, in parenting. It is also something I love to do. It is what I have built a career out of for the last 15 years.

D is for Dogs

I love Dogs. We don’t have one though. I think we have quite enough to manage at the moment without a second baby (Dog). My Mum breeds and shows Irish Setters; I grew up surrounded by pets. I imagine that our home will feel complete when we get the family dog!

E is for Elsie

My amazing daughter. A miracle baby to me. We really struggled conceiving so I was overjoyed when we found out I was pregnant. We had almost given up hope. I was beginning to talk myself into the benefits of life without children! I only really know what they are, now that I am a parent! I call her my precious angel.

F is for Food!

I love food. I love cooking. I love going out to amazing restaurants and trying new things (well, I used to before baby).

G is for Green Griffin

Green is my favourite colour. Some of my friends call me “Green Griffin” – (Griffin being my maiden name). The name was the result of a day out about 20 years ago. Everything I was wearing was green, from my boots and jeans, to my coat and top. In my defense, it was when green jeans were in fashion (a long time ago!). My friends thought it was hilarious when they asked me to reveal the colour of my socks: Green of course!

H is for Humour

I love a good laugh. Love people that make me laugh; blogs that make me laugh; books; TV; Films. You get the picture.

Laughing is somewhat more of a challenge since I spent a hellish 48 hours in labour. My pelvic floor no longer supports a night out with the girls, but what can you do?

I is for Insomnia

I’ve suffered from Insomnia for more years than I can count. I guess between 10 and 15 years? I thought it would mean I would nail it when it came to having a baby as I was used to sleeping so badly.

Yeah, doesn’t help. Makes it worse as you cant even sleep when the baby is asleep!

J is for The Jeremy Kyle Show

I’m almost allergic to the Jeremy Kyle Show. I can’t bear to watch it or even have it on in the background. Especially with the baby around. I don’t want her to listen to the arguments. It brings bad vibes into my home.

I think the majority of people on that show set such a bad example of human behaviour, I despair at it. Where did they learn that behaviour? Or who from?

It is probably the best example of bad parenting in the world? Not sure Carlsberg will want that tag line from me?  Some people might not like me saying so, but that is how I feel.

K is for…

K’in ‘Ell This list is actually really hard to write! Not even half way yet!

L is for

Lucy. It’s my name. Simples.

M is for Motherhood

Nothing can prepare you for it!

O is for Obscenities

I am finding it really hard to stop swearing and I must, for the sake of my daughter.

P is for Poetry

I write poetry and parodies.

Q is for Queue

I’m British. I get so irate with queue jumpers. It’s a fairness thing. However, if you are cunning enough (like me, a seasoned commuter) to have trained your eye to know exactly where the doors open on the train and tube – fair play. But DON’T PUSH. And always offer your seat to the fat lady who might be pregnant.

R is for Relaxing

It is what I long for. A relaxing holiday. A relaxing day, even. I don’t think I’ve actually relaxed anything other than my pelvic floor since my daughter was born.

S is for Singing

I love singing. I do actually have a good singing voice but not the courage to go on “The Voice” and definitely not the balls for the “X Factor”. You can read a little tale about my early singing career in my post ‘The reason I never married Robbie Williams‘.

Which seamlessly links me to…

T is for Take That

I’ve been a Take That fan through it all. Five of them, four of them, then the amazing come-back concert with all five again. And soon, I will be off to Wembley to see just three of them! Dedication to the last.

U is for Unbelievable

The first concert I ever went to see was EMF when their single ‘unbelievable‘ was massive. It was on a school night too! My friend and I were head-banging so much that her Mum wrote us a note to get out of PE the next day, as we couldn’t move our necks! True Story.

V is for Vino

This needs no explanation. A large glass please.

W is for WINE (so crucial to my very being that I mentioned it twice!)

X is for

X Factor! Love it or hate it, I watch it on a Saturday night and Sky Plus it if I can’t watch it. In my opinion, it’s not been the same since Gary Barlow left.

Y is for

Yoga pants. I got some really comfy ones when I was pregnant… and lived in them for months. Even after I’d had the baby! I no longer cared.

Z is for

Zombie. Or Mombie, if you will. Nuff said.

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