Lucy Loves #5 Gin, Ducks & Soave

Hello, and welcome back to any Lucy Loves Lovers! I’ve been super busy, so things have been a bit quieter on the blog this past week. I was planning two celebrations for my daughters first birthday, having family to stay, celebrating said birthdays, dealing with the trauma of Elsie turning One plus starting her part-time at the childminders; then culminating […]

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The reason I never married Robbie Williams

Back in the day, in my teenage years, my best friends and I loved singing.

We also loved Take That.

(For my American friends: Think ‘New Kids on The Block’; or for younger friends; ‘One Direction’)

My two friends and I were actually pretty good singers and thought that maybe we could crack our way into showbiz one day, and become pop stars. (And meet Take That!)

Back then, this was not a realistic goal at all. It was the era when record labels ruled the world and X Factor did not exist. There were no “make me a star, Simon” shows about in those days.

There was no twitter or facebook. Pop stars were totally inaccessible. This made them appear even more famous because they were seemingly less real. Magazines and TV shows were the only way to learn anything about your “future husband” (ahem, Robbie Williams) *Translation: Mark Wahlberg/Harry Styles*

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