Sleep deprivation what have you done?

My eyes slightly open, surrounded by black.
Washing piles high in an overwhelming stack.
Wearing whatever I could find in a hurry.
I don’t care anymore, it’s a bit of a worry.
Hair scraped back, tied up in a bun
Oh sleep deprivation what have you done?

My thinking’s irrational (if thinking at all)
So much to do for someone so small.
It feels never ending, like the Forth bridge.
Oops the milk’s in the cupboard and my mug’s in the fridge!
So glad my husbands been feeding the cat.
Can’t expect to remember things like that.

I hope that she’ll nap for at least half an hour,
so I get the luxury of having a shower.
I try hard to smile, my default remains snappy.
(Unless it’s you baby, you make me feel happy)
Just everyone else gets a short shrift
Nothing a good nights sleep won’t shift!

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