Shut the front door…

I need to learn how to stop swearing.
It’s quite important I do.
I have a babe
of influenceable age,
whose first words ought not to be blue.

I need to come up with some new words.
To replace the obvious few.
Try fudge instead?
Perhaps prat, or poo head?
But I’m not even sure that will do.

Thanks to @teacuptoria for the illustration

Thanks to @teacuptoria for the illustration

I like to speak with some passion.
With details that all understand.
I find it too hard…
I’m just not The Bard.
Not swearing might make me feel bland.

I’m afraid I’ve got a bad a habit,
that is terribly hard to undo.
Such versatile words –
adjectives or verbs,
can even be used as nouns too.

So forgive me as I test out new vocab.
Bear with me, I might be a bore.
I’ll forget to say fudge,
but try not to judge
when I tell you to shut the front door.









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