Rx Online Pharmacy: How to Find Legal and Trustable Online Pharmacies

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Rx Online Pharmacy: How to Find Legal and Trustable Online Pharmacies

We are sure that you have come across the symbol Rx a couple of times. Rx is a medical symbol that represents a medical prescription. The symbol was coined from the Latin word which stands for ‘recipe’. So, anytime you see this symbol what should come to your mind is prescription. There are drugs that require a prescription and there are drugs that do not require a prescription. Any Rx med would require you to have a doctor’s prescription before the pharmacist can dispense the med to you. But why do some drugs require a doctor’s prescription and some do not? This is simple, drugs that require a doctor’s prescription are strong drugs used for the treatment of serious medical ailments like angina, ED etc. while drugs that do not require a doctor’s prescription (over the counter drugs) are common less potent meds that treat less serious and familiar ailments like a cold, a headache, fever etc. The strong meds cannot be used anyhow as they are powerful, they cannot be used by everyone, and they have to be used appropriately to avoid more health complications. A doctor’s prescription guarantees a pharmacist that you have been examined by a doctor who has an idea of your health history and has fully ascertained that the drug is suitable for you to ingest. The doctor’s prescription also signifies that all information about other meds you might be taking at that moment is known and there is no risk of drug interactions. Without controlling prescription meds using a doctor’s prescription, many patients would be endangered. The question now is it possible to get prescription meds from online pharmacies? In this piece of writing, we would share with you everything you need to know prescription meds and online pharmacies.

Buying Rx Meds from Online Pharmacies

You may ask is it possible and legal to get prescription meds from an online pharmacy? Sure, it is. So many online pharmacies sell prescription drugs to their customers. Many online pharmacies would require you to upload your doctor’s prescription for the med you wish to purchase to their platform before the drug can be dispensed to you. Some online pharmacies also provide the option of faxing, mailing to their address, or sending the prescription via email. Without making a prescription available to them via one of these mediums, prescription drugs would not be sold to you. Furthermore, some pharmacies offer prescription meds on the basis of an online questionnaire that claims to capture your medical history. Check how the questionnaire looks below

Online Prescription Questionnaire

Note that online pharmacies are not allowed to dispense prescription meds to patients based on the answers supplied to an online questionnaire. So any pharmacy that does this is in accordance with the pharmaceutical regulations. If you buy your prescription med from such website, you risk obtaining fake drugs. In the latter part of this article, we would share with you the basis on which an online pharmacy’s doctor is allowed to sell a prescription med to you.

Buying Rx Meds Online Without a Prescription

There some online pharmacies that sell prescription meds to their customers without asking for a doctor’s prescription. This is totally illegal! A legal online pharmacy would never sell a prescription med to you without a doctor’s prescription. Are you considering getting a drug that requires a prescription from an online pharmacy that is offering the drug to you without a prescription? Beware! That pharmacy is fake. The drugs that would be shipped to you are fake and would pose a great threat to your health. A legitimate online pharmacy would always demand a prescription from you before shipping prescription drugs to you. So, any pharmacy that offers to sell a drug that requires a prescription one is illegitimate. Most times you would notice that this sort of pharmacies is not accredited by the pharmaceutical regulatory bodies, they sell drugs at ridiculously low prices, they also spam with promotions, and they often do not have a physical address. Their websites may also be insecure posing a risk to the data you supply on these websites. We advise you to avoid these websites for your own safety.

Getting a Doctor’s Prescription Online

You may ask if it is possible for an online pharmacy to write you a prescription. There are a few online pharmacies that have licensed doctors who speak to their patients over a phone call or video chat o establish a relationship and ascertain if the drug is appropriate to be prescribed for them. However, the doctor of an online pharmacy can only write you a prescription on the following basis

•    The online doctor must know your medical history

•    The online doctor must have a treatment relationship with you

•    The online doctor must have access to your up to date medical records

Without the above, an online pharmacy is not allowed to write you a prescription.

Prescription Image

Prescription Image

If an online doctor does not know your medical history, how would he be certain that the drug is safe for you? Also, without your medical records and a relationship with you how would the doctor know your allergies and the drugs you may be ingesting at the moment. This pretty much sums up the reason for the requirements.


While it may be tempting and fast to buy your prescription drugs from pharmacies that sell prescription drugs without a prescription, it is unsafe. Legal and trustable online pharmacies would always ask you for a prescription before shipping out any prescription drug to you. Any online pharmacy that does otherwise is illegal and cannot be trusted. For legit pharmacies that you can trust, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. Finally, ensure you beware of scammers online.

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