Birthdays, Priorities, New Beginnings…

Priorities, New beginnings, reflection

Birthdays are often a time of reflection.

I find each year as my birthday comes round, especially as I get older, that it really makes me consider my priorities.

Now it isn’t my birthday yet. But it is Bottlefor2’s birthday.

Technically it was my “blogiversary” on 22nd January, but I was too busy celebrating my good friend’s 40th birthday to write that day.



If there is one thing I have learnt over the past year, it is that Friends and Family have to come first. They are so important.

In one whole year I have learnt so much.

A lot can happen.

It is interesting when I look back at my first post – Nothing is ever the same after you have a baby; I had set my mission to find my voice again.

Having Elsie had such a huge impact on me both physically and emotionally. Just at the point where I thought I might be going insane and had forgotten who I was, I started Bottlefor2.

As I reflect upon how I was feeling this time last year, compared to now, I realise that I have grown so much.

I’ve got this


I have worked out this Mum business: I have worked out that I will never have all the answers and that is okay.

I have worked out that it is an ever changing challenge, so just roll with it.

I have worked out that through love, instinct and a bit of support from others, it can be done and you can keep your sanity.


Importantly, I also found my voice again: the mission I set myself this time last year.

Thanks to the world of blogging and writing, it has really helped me work stuff out.

I also learnt how to build and run a website. Sort of…

I’m no genius at it, but I can do it.

Then at the end of last year, I physically lost my voice through a series of illnesses and it absolutely solidified to me how important a voice is. It really made me reflect so much on everything. How important using your voice for good is, for a start.

I also realised how much I need to use my voice for my work.

Everything I do requires communication and conversation. Without it, I would have to consider different career options.

It might sound dramatic, but I had never been poorly for almost two months in a row and never without a voice for as long as 6 weeks. I found it really hard. That, and feeling shite is always a bit depressing.

And God knows, it’s challenging looking after a small one when you feel rubbish and can’t speak!

Gladly I can speak again.

My singing voice is still a bit damaged, but I’ll deal with that.

With a bit of help from some winter sun in Lanzarote, I am feeling almost back to normal in my health (bar a small knee injury I picked up playing party games with Gin and a cereal box over the weekend!)

I have a new determination to get healthier this year.

We had some very sad news as a family at the end of last week. My Aunty sadly passed away after a short but tragic battle with cancer. It was all quite sudden. Incredibly upsetting.

It is at times like this when you properly reassess what is important in life.

Spending time with Friends and Family.

Living a happy, healthy life.

Enjoying yourself, every day, in work and play.

Life is happening now and it can end so suddenly, and too quickly.

So this past year has been a year of learning; of working out priorities.

Realising what really matters.

My focus for the next month or two is making a plan to try and achieve all the above.

Then I am going to put it into action.

I hope by the time my actual birthday comes round next month, that I will be able to share some of the progress with you.

Cheers; wine; Bottlefor2, priorities, new beginnings


Wish me luck.

I’ll end, bottlefor2 style, by raising a virtual glass of Prosecco to celebrate my “blogiversary” and new beginnings with you.

Cheers to you all.

Birthdays, Priorities, New Beginnings
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  • Happy blogiversary Lucy! What a lush post. I’m totally with you on all of this which is why I’m selling up and moving out so I can spend more time with my lush family. This is certainly what life is all about in my book too.
    So sorry to hear about your Aunt. Very sad.
    Lots of love and look after that knee you rascal x

    • Thanks Katy. Yeah good for you. I am so excited about your house move for you! It is definitely the way forward. Making sure we prioritise what is important, is well… so important. Thanks as ever, for your support.

      I’m sure the knee will be back to normal in a few days. It serves as a reminder of a great party with my friends!

  • Hello lovely, I’m so sorry to hear about your Aunty. Things like that makes you reconsider your priorities and that’s never a bad thing to do. You sound like you have everything worked out. I wish you lots of luck, health and happiness for this year ? Xx

  • Being voiceless sounds awful – but, if it had any positive, it must have been letting you reassess and find new focus. I think sometimes we just get caught up in everything and don’t get chance to look at the bigger picture. x #bloggerclubuk

  • Happy bloggiversary! It sounds like you’ve had an important year. I can’t imagine losing my voice for six weeks, although my husband has dreamed about it a few times! xxx #bloggerclubuk

  • Happy blogiversary! That is a huge accomplishment. Sounds like you you’ve learned tons this year….both about yourself, motherhood and blogging. I’m so sorry to hear about your Aunty. My thoughts are with you.

  • Hey hun, I remember that losing the voice post! Glad you have it back, and sounds like the year and the blog have brought you a great deal. Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub – hope you celebrate in style next month! x MMt

  • Happy Blogaversary lovely 🙂 There is so much learning to be done as a new blogger, I’m learning something new every day. So sorry about your Aunt. My thoughts are with you & your family. Thanks so much for linking up with the #BloggerClubUK linky x

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