Pharmacies in Canada: How to Avoid Problems Shopping for Meds Online

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Pharmacies in Canada: How to Avoid Problems Shopping for Meds Online

There are so many online pharmacies that have made the purchase of drugs very easy, convenient, and fast. Some would also say that online pharmacies come with the advantage of enjoying some privacy with regard to what health condition you are treating. Many patients feel embarrassed going to a pharmacist to get certain drugs, such as; erectile dysfunction drugs. With online pharmacies, no one has to see you all through the process of your purchase. One of the most important aspects that we can never factor out of the online pharmacy context is pricing. Online pharmacies make it much easier to get drugs at very cheap rates since you are able to make a wide range of price comparison easily in one sitting. For instance, if you desire to get a generic, you could surf around Indian pharmacies that ship to your location as India is known for the production of the cheapest generics. This brings us to the bone of contention; pharmacies in Canada. If you are not aware, drugs are most expensive in the United States. Many prescription drugs cost a fortune and prove unaffordable in the US. However, the reverse is the case in Canada. The prices of drugs in Canadian pharmacies are so much cheaper than US prices. For this reason, millions of United States’ patients turn to Canadian pharmacies for the reduction of costs. Now, you may ask why are drugs cheaper in Canada than in the US? How do you know if a Canadian pharmacy can be trusted? Do Canadian pharmacies ship to the US and is it legal? We would be addressing all these in this article. So, you should sit tight and read up.

Reputable Pharmacies in Canada

One may wonder why prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada than in the US? One might think that the drugs sold by Canadian pharmacies are of low quality. But this is absolutely not the case. Any reputable Canadian pharmacy would never sell fake drugs or drugs of low quality. As you probably know patenting gives pharmaceutical companies an autonomy of setting prices which in many cases enables them rip patients off; we are sure a lot of people can relate to this. The reason behind the low prices in Canada is the fact that the patents that protect the adoption of the formula of brands produced by American A-list pharmaceutical companies such as; Pfizer are not valid in Canada. Since the patent is not valid in Canada, generics of the same quality and ingredients can be produced. This makes the competition higher for brand-name drugs. Consequently, the prices are reduced. Additionally, the Canadian government controls the prices of drugs which also contributes to the low price of drugs in Canada. However, what are the qualities of a reputable pharmacy? It is important to know these qualities because not all Canadian pharmacies are exactly legit. Some are illegitimate hiding under the reputation of Canadian pharmacies. And these illegitimate pharmacies are unsafe.

  • A reputable Canadian pharmacy would have a reasonable amount of positive reviews from customers.
  • A reputable Canadian pharmacy would have accreditations from key pharmaceutical agencies such as; VIPPS and CIPA. They would have their seals displayed on their website.
  • A reputable Canadian pharmacy would have a physical address in a region in Canada.
  • It would have a top-notch customer support that would always be accessible to customers to effectively answer questions and rectify complaints.
  • They never sell unapproved meds or sell prescription meds without a prescription from a doctor.

In case you need a list of reputable pharmacies, reputable Canadian pharmacies are listed on the CIPA website.

CIPA Seal Screenshot

Furthermore, we have also packaged top-notch and trustable pharmacies you can securely purchase your meds from cheaply. Check our top-list of recommended pharmacies to see these pharmacies.

VIPPS Pharmacies in Canada

The VIPPS is a pharmaceutical accreditation of the National association boards of Pharmacy (NABP). The NABP has the criteria to reach before they can be accredited. Once a pharmacy reaches these criteria they are accredited by the board and granted permission to display the VIPPS seal on their website. When a pharmacy displays the VIPPS seal it implies the pharmacy can be trusted because it has reached the customer privacy, authentication and security of prescription orders, adherence to quality assurance policy, and a provision of meaningful consultation between patients (customers) and pharmacists criteria of the VIPPS.

VIPPS Seal Screenshot

VIPPS Seal Screenshot

For a list of Canadian pharmacies accredited by VIPPS, you can check their website. Also, check our top-list of recommended pharmacies for pharmacies that you can trust.

Pharmacies in Canada that Ship to the US

It is rare to see a reputable pharmacy that does not ship to the US. However, in order not to experience difficulties in getting your package, it is important to learn certain information. Millions of United States patients have ordered drugs from Canada. Many US patients do this often. While ordering rugs from Canada is possible and easy, understand that any order that exceeds a 90-day supply would draw the attention of the authorities and your package would be confiscated. The maximum order you can make is 90 pills which is a 3-month supply. Anything that exceeds this would be termed commercial and not for personal ingestion. Another thing that would draw the attention of the authorities are narcotics and controlled substances. If you avoid these, you would have no problem getting your drugs to the US from Canada.

Trust Pharmacy, a Reputable Canada-Based e-Pharmacy

Trust Pharmacy, a Reputable Canada-Based e-Pharmacy


Pharmacies in Canada have helped numerous US patients save a huge sum of money by the online access to these pharmacies to order for drugs which are much cheaper in price in Canadian pharmacies compared to US pharmacies. Ensure you make purchases from reputable Canadian pharmacies to ensure your safety. Check our top-list of recommended pharmacies to see a list of reputable pharmacies that you can trust. On a final note, as we always advise; beware of scammers while surfing the internet for online pharmacies to purchase your meds from.

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