Nothing is ever the same after you’ve had a baby…

Nothing is ever the same after you’ve had a baby. I’m not talking just physically (conversation for another day ladies?) but everything is different. The first 6 months whizz by in a whirlwind and suddenly, through the haze, you realise – Wow, I’ve got to try and form this madness into some kind of normality. I’ve got to go back to work soon. But, how? And how can I possibly leave my baby with anyone else?

Your full time mummy job is all consuming. When will you ever find the time for work? Work / Life balance was hard enough before, but now, well it’s a whole new world. A world where commuting over four hours a day would mean not seeing your baby in the morning or the evening. Well that rules that one out then. So it’s time for a new plan.

New Year, New Mum, New Blog

Our first week at home, June 2014

Our first week at home, June 2014

In my efforts to try and get myself work ready again I thought writing this blog would be a good start. After all, I’ve got to find my brain again. I left it somewhere between 8 months pregnant and 2015. I’ve got to try and lose the baby brain – where every single thought I have or action I take in 24 hours is all about the baby, and sometimes sheer survival. I’ve got to find my own voice again.

I actually used to have (still do, but bear with me) a big guffawing laugh. I only realised that I hadn’t actually laughed like that in the last 6 months when I found something funny the other day, and there it was, MWA HA HA HA HA. I terrified my daughter! She didn’t know what she was hearing. The look on her face was priceless. A mixture of a rabbit in the headlights and seeing a ghost!

My daughter is scared of my laugh.

And then it hit me. Oh my God, I’m back! It must be a sign. I think I may have just reached the point where I can transform from pure mummy zombie to a person again.

I don’t doubt that I will still try and put the milk back in the drinks cupboard and reach to the fridge for a pint glass. Or like this morning, will open the oven door to get the cereal out… all of these things my over-tired brain gets confused about. However I think I might be ready to have a few thoughts of my own.

So here I go – brain armed with my new mummy toolbox, (which sits prominently on the imaginary shelf next to my self-help books and recipe cards), I’ve set myself a mission to find my voice again and share my journey with you. To get back to being Lucy, albeit a slightly changed Lucy. After all, nothing is ever the same after you’ve had a baby.

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