Mums you’re amazing – I salute you Mums you're amazing

Dear Mums, I salute you.

All the hardcore Mums out there. Yes, that’s all of us!

Today I salute all the Mums who feel a bit poorly and especially the ones who feel really poorly. Because you never get a day off.

You see, that’s the thing with Mums – every single day and night of your lives you have the most important job; Mum. There is no calling in sick, no day off, and even when you feel rough as hell, there you are still making meals, wiping bottoms and trying to be the best you can be.

I’m trying to remember back… when has my Mum ever been ill? My Mum is particularly hardcore. Those who know her will agree.

In nearly 40 years of being a Mum she has been ill twice that I remember. Twice proper in bed, doc visiting, hospital ill. Now that is a sick record to be proud of. Sure, she’s had colds and even the flu, but there she has been soldiering on, running her business and looking after 4 kids. (I know, 4!)

While I was lying awake last night, as I often do (damn insomnia), I felt that niggling sore tickle in my throat, my ears blocked and sticky and my nose stuffed up.

I thought- oh no, I’m getting the lurgy. And we all know the best way to get better is to rest. That is what we all did before kids. It’s what our Mum taught us. If you don’t rest you won’t get better. You tell your kids that don’t you?

So I am wondering if Mums just have to resolve themselves to being slightly ill all the time, for there is never any rest. Never. Ever.

Can you imagine how nice it would be if one day, you wake up exhausted (as usual) to another Groundhog Day, but this time you’re sick. (Bear with me, it wouldn’t be nice to wake up sick). So you reach for the phone to notify who ever is in charge that you are not well and need to rest today.

Job done… And relax.

Well you are in charge Mums!
It may have slipped you by in the haze of motherhood, but you are the boss! A boss with no staff (unless you are really lucky).

There is no handover document here, just a honey and lemon, some sudafed and a deep breath. Many-a-thing has been survived by a deep breath!

It’s not even like you are thinking to yourself if I can just make it through till Friday I’ll have a lie in at the weekend. No, sorry.

Or I’ll just hide quietly at my desk with a lemsip and hope people are sympathetic.

I’ll just delegate that to my team….. (HA HA HA)

I suppose as your kids get older they might learn sympathy and maybe even let you sit down for five minutes. They may even bring you your honey and lemon… But for me, that is years off.

From what I’ve heard, the first few years are a series of random diseases and illnesses (not even of-the-like when I grew up). Bred by an uber germ factory called nursery. And the whole household gets them….

You are still trying to carry on with daily life between running to the loo and clearing up poo. And when the bathroom is busy or there is not time, your hands become a makeshift emergency sick bucket. Oooh I can’t wait!

So stuff you, the tickle in my throat and my snuffed up nose. The baby won’t feed and entertain herself.

So Mums, I salute you. Every one.

Now, carry on.

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  • I love this blog post! It is so true. We do do the most amazing job (as do the full time dads out there) and nobody appreciates it…least of all society as a whole that expects everyone to work (and if you are a stay at home mum then you are not worth much). I do wish the attitude to stay at home mum’s would change because it sure is the most difficult job I have done and you are right, there are no holidays!!!

    • Yes to Dads too! I felt a bit guilty for not mentioning stay at home Dads! maybe they warrant a post of their own! Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed it. If you feel kind enough please share or retweet it to your peeps. Thanks Lucy

  • A great post! And too ruddy right! I think the strongest Mum I know is my own. She has had 7 kids, looked after her Dad for 10 years in his old age and has had breast cancer twice. She is the best! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  • I love this and my mom is definitely one to put high up there with so many children under her belt (8 to be exact) and coming from a big family I don’t know how she does it. Did it or continues to do it even with some of us (me) across an ocean. lol Mommies work so hard so lovely to see tribute. Lovely post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  • This post really struck a chord with me.
    My mum used to be like this, never sick or ill and always there for us. However, this didn’t turn out so good. She sat with discomfort in her belly for 3 years, never telling anyone and assuming it is caused by her busy routines and schedules. She found out she had ovarian cancer when it was almost too late, still she fought that sucker for 2 years before she went to heaven.
    It’s awesome to be a strong mom who “never gets sick” but we do have to look after ourselves.
    Best wishes

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