A miracle in two years

A miralce in two years

A Miracle in two years

I was 34 when I got Wed,
happiest day of our lives, we said.
We wanted to start a family fast.
I wasn’t sure how long my eggs would last!

Every month I’d live in hope
the pregnancy test would be positive, nope.
The trying and trying was becoming trying,
my heart would sink and I’d start crying.

I’d always wanted to be a mummy.
Why can’t I get one of those in my tummy?
Day to day all I would see
was pregnant ladies, everyone but me.

I prayed very hard in hope that maybe
they’d be answered and we’d have a baby.
35 passed and then 36.
This might be a problem we just can’t fix.

I spoke to the vicar, my friends and my Mum.
I felt useless and hopeless and almost numb.
We decided IVF could be worth a try.
We’d have to go private, damn you BMI.

We filled out the forms, waited for a date.
Then a miracle happened, my period was late!
I’d only just started a tough new job
with a four hour commute, I began to sob.

I’d have to give up my precious wine
but for this, it was worth it: a baby, mine!
I carried on working, I felt her grow,
the commuters rushed past as I got slow.

On occasion someone would give up their seat
to let a pregnant woman sit, oh what a treat!
I worked super hard to save up the money
to pay for the mat leave of the babe in my tummy.

Then one Sunday at One in the morning,
the pain it came, this was my warning…
for the most grueling 48 hours
I had to dig deep for my strongest powers

And then she came, our Elsie May
As beautiful as life, an incredible day!

Elsie May a few hours old

Elsie May a few hours old

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