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My blog series where I share the love

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I love sharing the love. Whether a fabulous piece of writing; finding a brilliant blog; or a great new discovery, like a delicious bottle of wine or recipe.

Click on the link below for each update.




 Lucy LovesLucy Loves #1

Featuring funny blogs; great writing; Princess Charlotte and Wine



Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves #2

Featuring some brilliant blogs; great writing and wine of the week


Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves #3

More great blogs plus a fab wine find


Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves #4 Hope, Naps & Prosecco

More great blogs plus two delicious Prosecco to try


Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves #5: Gin, Ducks & Soave

In honour of National Gin day, sharing a great post on Gin Cocktails, a fab funny from Doctomum and a surprisingly delicious Soave (swah-vay).


Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves #6: Inspiration, Writing & Wine



Lucy LovesLucy Loves #7: Holidays, Weddings & Wine


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