Lucy Loves #7: Holidays, Weddings & Wine

Lucy Loves Inspiration, Writing & Wine

Hello, and welcome back to any Lucy Loves Lovers!

The theme of this week’s Lucy Loves is inspired by our recent trip away.

Holidays, weddings, and of course, wine.

Where would we be without wine? (Richer and more miserable, probably)

I have a treat of a wine this week, a delicious Malbec. More on that later.

A holiday and wedding, in one

We went to the USA to celebrate my brother Mark get married to his beautiful wife Cheyanne. The celebrations held were in York Beach, Maine, so it was quite a journey for us.

It was such a lovely setting, over looking the ocean.

York Beach, Maine

The wedding was fabulous. The flowers, in particular, were amazing. The bride looked incredible, and it was brilliant to catch up with so many friends and family. Oh and my brother scrubbed up pretty well too, he’s quite a handsome devil really.

Wedding Photo

Photograph shared with kind permission of the bride courtesy of Peter Martin, Eric McCallister Photography

Clearly it was a no-brainer to make a holiday out of our trip, given we’d travelled all that way. It was Elsie’s first flight and proper holiday. For those of you who’ve read “Surviving the journey will a small one”, you’ll know I was dreading the journey.

I think we all managed pretty well in the end, but I definitely learnt a few things along the way.

Lucy Loves: Holidays, Weddings & Wine


Lucy Loves

On the theme of holidays I’m sharing another survival guide with you.

The school holidays are upon us and many of you might be descending in to a small panic wondering how to cope with 6 weeks of entertaining your children. And frankly, putting up with them!

The lovely Suzanne, from 3 Children and It, has written “a summer holiday survival guide“.

Suzanne shares the benefit of her wisdom, from several years of entertaining kids through the holidays. I was pleased to see No.4 Throw the no-wine in the week rule out of the window. Essential, I’d say!


Lucy Loves

Wedding dress

I love this pic from my wedding – trying to fit myself and my rather long dress into the car!

I love a good wedding. I am one of those people who looked forward to my wedding my entire life. I absolutely had the best day ever when my husband and I got married. I definitely suffered from the post wedding come-down afterwards.

Although it is absolutely amazing to meet ‘the one’ and know you want to spend the rest of your lives together, the thing that truly sucks is that you only get one wedding!

Unless, of course, you are Mariah Carey, who (although married a few times anyway) made the epic decision to have a wedding each year on her anniversary. Genius. If only we all had the money and the time. I’m not even sure if she is still with that husband? She must really love a wedding.

If I had been into blogging at the time of my wedding, it would have been dangerous. All those ideas to look at and share. The planning, the emotions, the money I might have spent! I would have absolutely set up a wedding blog.

So in honour of weddings and blogs, I found an interesting article “The Etiquette Guide to social media at weddings” on

It’s amazing how far social media has moved since I got married. Number 2 on the ‘do’ list is create your own wedding hashtag. My brother and his wife had their own wedding Hashtag! This clearly makes them very cool!

Wine of the week

 Lucy Loves

Lunta Malbec 2012, Mendel Wines, Mendoza

(produced in 2012, bottled 2013)

Lunta Malbec

Delicious Malbec

You can’t go wrong with an Argentinian Malbec in my view. I love it. This wine is best saved for a treat as it’s a bit pricey. Normally £15.99 it is on offer at the moment with 33% off (at Majestic) so coming in at £10.65.

The thing with a decent wine like this though, is that it’s just so delicious and more-ish. I can’t afford to drink wine at this price all the time, but I think every now and again you should treat yourself.

The flavours are fruity (plums and forest fruits) followed by vanilla. Yum. You can taste the quality in this wine; it comes from some of Argentina’s oldest Malbec vines. Perfect with a delicious sunday roast.

 Until next time, be excellent to each other. And party on dudes.

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