Lucy Loves #6: Inspiration, Writing & Wine

Lucy Loves Inspiration, Writing & Wine

Hello, and welcome back to any Lucy Loves Lovers!

I have a wonderful wine find to share with you, courtesy of my lovely Dad who dangerously introduced me to it and now I want more!

My brilliant blog shares this week are all fabulous writers, two published authors, and one who is sure to be, one day.

 Lucy Loves: Inspiration, Writing & Wine

Brilliant writers

Lucy Loves


This week I noticed a lot of white jeans around in the shops. I almost considered trying on a pair; then I remembered rice cakes.

Not just the usual rice cakes but the blueberry coloured and flavoured ones my daughter likes so much.

The rice cakes that make me follow her around the room with a baby wipe for fear of her wiping her purple hands (and face) all over my cream arm chair.

On reflection, not the most sensible colour of chair to buy, but I was pregnant when I bought it. I had no kids. I had no idea. I just wanted a comfy, beautiful, seat for my uncomfortable pregnant body.

So when I read 20 reasons NOT to wear white jeans by Amy Ransom I laughed out loud because these are the very same reasons I didn’t even bother trying on white jeans. Amy is a brilliant writer, published author, and has loads of funny posts on her blog. You should check it out.


Lucy LovesLast weekend I attended the biggest blogging conference in the UK for parents, BritMums. There were something like 600 bloggers there. It was brilliant to actually meet some of my blogging friends, and see people I follow online, in real life. There was so much going on I didn’t get time to say hello to everyone, but there’s always next time.

There was a brilliant session by Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn, who is a successful author and really engaging speaker. I think she inspired nearly everyone in the room to pull their finger out and get a book written. She certainly made me think.

They say you should write about what you know.

This morning, over breakfast, I said to my daughter and my husband:

“Do you think I should write a book called The NOISY Child who threw all her food on the floor?”.

Catchy, yeah?

I know a lot about that.

I could make it into a funny rhyming book, Julia Donaldson style. I’m just not sure how it will end.

I only really like happy endings.

I remember back when they released the film Titanic, wishing they hadn’t killed Jack at the end! Couldn’t they just make it a lovely story about romance, with a bit of class division tension, set on a fabulous ship that got into danger, but it was ok in the end? They all got rescued and lived happily ever after.

Ah… wouldn’t it be nice to live in my ideal world.

So for those of you who have always wanted to write a book, (there are lots of us), I found this great post by author, Amy Lynch. Amy’s top ten tips on getting that all important book deal.

I also must mention my friend Katy from Carry on Katy, (who I was so excited to meet last weekend). Katy was also in the Creative Penn seminar with me. Inspired by it,  she has written this Hilari-ass post – How to write a Badass Bestseller. It’s genius.


Wine of the week

 Lucy LovesPercheron Chenin Blanc Viognier 2015, Western Cape, South Africa

Percheron chenin blanc viognier



Continuing my mission to move out of my Sauvignon Blanc comfort zone, my Dad introduced me to this delicious wine which he bought to share at a village event.

My Dad likes to get my opinion on the wines he buys. I’m happy to oblige! I think he was rather relieved and pleased when I tried this one that he’d bought to share with Church concert goers, and told him it was delicious. So delicious, in fact that I had to have a bottle to take home with me so I could share it with you on my blog!

This Percheron is a really drinkable wine. 70% Old vine Chenin Blanc mixed with 30% Viognier. It is fruity, but creamy. Floral and refreshing.  It is more yellow than a Sauvignon but not as strong as a Chardonnay. It fits beautifully in the middle as a ‘people pleaser’. Perfect for a party.

You can buy in from various online sites or from a supplier. Price varies from £5.99 to £7.50 depending on where you shop. Really good value. Lovely drop.


Until next time, be excellent to each other. And party on dudes.

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  • Love the title of this feature! And thank you so much for featuring me. White jeans for mums? I mean, come on… Look forward to meeting at the next Britmums or Blogfest?! X

    • You are so welcome Amy, I’ve loved your blog since I started blogging, I’m so happy to feature you. And yeah, white jeans with kids!? Brave, brave people.

  • This is a great idea for a feature! &, yeah, white anything bad with kids! #wineandboobs

  • Ooooohhhhhh I’ll have a look out for the wine. Gary and I are die hard New Zealand Sauvignon drinkers (I may or may not have just taken delivery of 12 bottles…. not too long after the last delivery of 12, oops).

    I really struggle to try new things so will have to hunt this wine down.

    Love the white jeans post, I put back a white top the other day for exactly the same reason. Baby snot doesn’t look great on a white top!

    Thanks for linking up with #wineandboobs

    • Lora, I used to only stick to NZ Sauvignon too for a while, to be safe in the knowledge that I’d like it. Hence my mission to move out of my comfort zone. It’s worth checking out some French Sauvignon’s too. They are not as sharp or gooseberry, but some have similar characteristics; others are a slightly less acidic, more floral alternative. Also try this Chenin Blanc Viognier, it isn’t the same, but it is a nice drinking wine. It’s unlikely you’ll find this in the shops. Look it up online for the best deal. Always worth giving new things a try.

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