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Hello, and welcome back to any Lucy Loves Lovers!

I’ve been super busy, so things have been a bit quieter on the blog this past week.

I was planning two celebrations for my daughters first birthday, having family to stay, celebrating said birthdays, dealing with the trauma of Elsie turning One plus starting her part-time at the childminders; then culminating in an amazing visit to the O2 to see my best boys, Take That.

PHEW. It’s tiring just writing it.

I’ve got to say, as ever, Take That always put on a brilliant show. There may well be only three of them left, but it was still amazing.

As usual, I have found some great things to share with you, and of course, my wine of the week.


Lucy Loves: Gin, Ducks and Soave (Swah-vay)

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In honour of National Gin Day (Saturday 13th June), Michelle from A Family Chatter shared an amazing post: Five Gin cocktails you need to try.

You may only find it amazing if you like Gin and cocktails but there are some really delicious ones on here. As Gin is my next go-to drink after wine, I was very interested to try them. I love the idea of the strawberry one. A must-try. I always have strawberries in at the moment because Elsie loves them, so what better excuse. The most curious cocktail though, Gin Spritz, is Gin and Prosecco! I know. Imagine combining those two amazing things? It could go one of two ways!


Lucy Loves

My next blog pick… How not to be a D*ck in a lift by Doctomum. Simply put: this is hilarious. I love a old good rant on etiquette. It’s just so British! Kerry has such a knack at injecting humour into her posts. They make me laugh out loud.


Wine of the week

Oh I do so enjoy trying wines for you lovely people. Especially when I am trying to cut down the wine calories. It gives me a great excuse to drink it. If you’ve seen my Five Things That Suck About Wine post, you’ll understand. I was delighted the Huffington Post published my Wine article this week in their lifestyle and humour sections.


Lucy Loves Soave (“Swah-vay”if you’ve always wondered the pronunciation)

I’ll be frank. The reason I picked Soave to try this week was because I read somewhere it can be relatively low in calories compared to some others. I think it depends which bottle you pick to be fair, but I was convinced enough to try it for you 😉

Let’s face it, most people have been put off Soave by its supermarket reputation. Bottom shelf, cheap and not always very nice. An undeserved reputation I have discovered. You need to move to mid-market to get a good one; cheap remains cheap. However, I wanted to give it a try after re-educating myself into the world of Soave.

It is an old Italian wine, dating back to Roman times, and considered one of the great white wines of Italy. It is grown in the volcanic hills near Verona (of Romeo and Juliet fame).

I was greatly amused that my ‘slimmers‘ wine (I was convincing myself it was slimmers) was actually called Fattori. Yes, FATTORI. (It’s sometimes the simplest things that make me laugh).

What surprised me the most, was that it was actually delicious! I wasn’t expecting to like it if I’m honest. But this one, the Fattori Soave 2013/14 is light, refreshing, reminiscent of a Pinot Grigo and very drinkable.

It has citrus at it’s core, but is no way as acidic as a Sauvignon. It’s actually very light. It has just enough of the acidity and white apple to have the fruity flavour, while also being super crisp and fresh with a mineral finish.

Antonio and Giovanni Fattori, I salute you. Thanks for your delicious wine. Another step on my path to drinking my way out my wine comfort zone.


Until next time, be excellent to each other. And party on dudes.

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