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I’ve a treat in store for you today. Not one, but two delicious Prosecco to try. Missing last week’s Lucy Loves due to a very poorly baby, it’s only fair to cover two wines of the week.

Of course, I won’t just be sharing wine (important as it is). As usual, I’ll be sharing some brilliant blogs with you.

First, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who nominated me for “Best Writer”, “Best Baby Blog” and “Blog of the Year” in the MAD Blog Awards. It really means so much to me that you enjoy my writing, and that you care enough to nominate me. Thank you. This phase of nominations is now closed. We await to hear who makes the shortlist.

As someone who only started blogging in January, I don’t expect to get through, but you can live in hope.

Tots100 MAD Blog Awards


In more exciting news, I had an article published on one of my favourite online magazines, BonBon Break. Ready to be a part-time SAHM. You won’t see it on my blog as I wrote it exclusively for BonBon Break.

Being an American publication, in this article, I became a Mom (not Mum) who changes diapers, not nappies! I’d love it if you would go over, take a read, and perhaps share it.


Lucy Loves: Hope, Naps and Prosecco.

Brilliant blogs


Lucy Loves Kate from Pouting in Heels, wrote a beautiful post about Hope. It’s an inspirational and aspirational piece of writing, full of affirmations and positivity. While reading it, I thought, if you actually took the words “I hope” out of the post, so the words became what people actually believe about themselves, and life; the world would be a happier place.

I guess that is what many of us hope for.

Lucy LovesA writer friend of mine, Marta, of Baby Blues & Rock ‘N’ Roll, had a story published this week on another great site Sammiches and Psych Meds.

Mind the Nap: A plea to childless people.

I really feel this. Anyone who has desperately needed their baby to sleep will understand these brilliant words.

Think of those days, when you feel a little unhinged, and desperately wish the world would stay silent so your baby will sleep. That.


Wine of the week

Last week there were reports in the news predicting a potential world Prosecco shortage.

*small panic*

As you can imagine, I thought it was my moral responsibility to buy some to try for you, so you too can get hold of what you need for your summer parties before the verdict is out. I understand come August, we will know whether or not there will be queues for Prosecco akin to those outside petrol stations, (panic buying). They’ll be sure to hike up the prices to unrealistic proportions, due to its scarcity.

So here are my Panic Prosecco Picks!


Lucy LovesProsecco La Gioiosa Etamarosa NV, Doc Treviso.
Prosecco, Lucy Loves, Bottlefor2

In a word: lovely.

It comes from one of Italy’s leading producers of Prosecco. This Prosecco is smooth. Slightly more yellow than the Romeo and Juliet (below). It is fruity and delicious. With flavour of apples and lightly floral, it’s a quality Prosecco in my humble home opinion.

It tastes ‘expensive’ (if you know what I mean), in comparison to some others. It’s just a really nice drop. Make sure it is chilled in the fridge; then sip and luxuriate. YUM.

Retails at £11.99 but you can save by getting it on a deal like 25% off if you buy two at Majestic. Other stores are available.


Lucy Loves Prosecco Romeo & Juliet NV, Treviso, Pasqua

Prosecco Romeo & Juliet, Lucy Loves, Bottlefor2This has a cool name and a cool label, which is always a bonus.

The best thing though, is that it is thoroughly delicious and dangerously drinkable. It is pale, light and refreshing with a hint of pear. It is dry on the finish though, which is a surprise on the palette after the initial fruity flavour.

Think ‘summer garden party’ Prosecco.

Retails at £12.99 but again, hunt around for a deal. I got 33% off for buying two bottles.



Until next time, be excellent to each other. And party on dudes.

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