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Another eventful week.

From the low point on Wednesday where I had a mini meltdown, then realised running out of waterproof mascara was a big mistake; to the high point of being nominated for ‘best writer’ and ‘blog of the year’ in the MAD Blog Awards.

Tots100 MAD Blog Awards

I am so happy that people are enjoying my blog and I would love it if you would nominate me to get me through to the next round.

The ultimate high point this week was on Friday, when my amazing brother, Mark Griffin, was awarded an MBE (Member of The British Empire) for services to charity and youth development in the USA. A very proud moment. I needed my waterproof mascara.

He does some amazing work – inspiring kids; if you haven’t heard of Play Rugby USA, you should check it out.

Lucy Loves: What have I loved this week?

Family Dynamics


Lucy LovesI really enjoyed this post from Jess at Mrs Helicopter Writes. She got fed up of people telling her she is ‘lucky’ to have her husband. Jess argues that actually good judgement, not luck, could be why they are married. I relate to her post, because I too chose a lovely and helpful husband. I wouldn’t have married a useless oaf, that wouldn’t be a good choice for me.


Lucy LovesI loved this post from my blogging buddy Teacup Toria – The Truth About Domestic Bliss. Tor is getting used to changes since her man moved in. Before, Tor was a single mum living with her 9 year old. How does having a man move in appear to create so much more work? – “Creating washing like a new born baby”. Tor argues this out in her entertaining post.


Some excellent writing


Lucy Loves Melissa from One Mother to Another writes an open and honest post -There’ll be days like this. I shared it on facebook this week as I thought it was brilliant. When I read it, I too was having one of those days.

Melissa talks about “the everyday big snowball of shit that gathers steam as the day goes on”. I think we can all agree we’ve had days like that!  Melissa is such a talented writer. She paints the picture of her day perfectly.


Wine of the week

Lucy LovesI have a fab find for my wine of the week – Pecorino. [Contesa Pecorino 2014, IGT Colline Pescaresi] An Italian white, to you and me. You’ve got to love the cool label on this. It looks like Mr Messy has got a little too involved with Dolly The Sheep.

Pecorino, wine of the week, bottlefor2

Mr Messy meets Dolly The Sheep


I love this wine.

Excellent for a dinner party, although, it is a little too easy drinking. If you are a New Zealand Sauvignon lover, I think you’ll like this.

It is sharp, yet light. Very citrussy on the nose, with a mineral finish. A lovely summery wine. Excellent cool from the fridge on a hot day.

A large one for me please.

It’s not the cheapest. At the moment Majestic have an offer for 25% off when you buy two. It retails at £9.99, so on offer around £7.50 a bottle.




Until next time, be excellent to each other. And party on dudes.

Lucy Loves  Bottlefor2

I’ve been nominated for “Best Writer” in the MAD Blog Awards. I’d love it if you’d click here to nominate me too. (You need a whole load of nominations to win, you could tip the balance with your good deed)

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  • Thank you so much for including my piece, Lucy! I’m very honored and now I’ve got some other new bloggers to follow from this post 🙂

    • You’re welcome Melissa. I loved it. I try to share two or three things I’ve loved each week to share the love! There is often someone from BYB in it. Such a great bunch! X

  • The Mother says – A great roundup of posts and I love your description of the wine label. That made me giggle. I’m a bit of a wine fan (shocker) so will be giving this a try 🙂 #sharethejoy

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