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Introducing my new feature, Lucy Loves


My shortlist of things I have loved from the past week.

Lucy LovesThe little princess

First, I must make mention of the new arrival, the Royal baby girl!

Well done Kate.

In the hospital at 6am, baby 8.36am and out the hospital by evening! Looking amazing.

I don’t know who else would dare wear white and yellow on the day they have given birth! I would have been wearing three pairs of pants, for certainty of protecting my insides from falling out on the famous hospital steps!

I was reading in The Telegraph that this baby will be worth £1bn before she is 10 years old. It has been estimated the princess will be worth in the region of £150 million a year to the economy. The fashion and beauty industry being the big beneficiaries.

Blimey! No pressure, Princess.

I really hope she is able to grow up without being affected too much by scrutiny on her hair, make up, and weight; celebrity-style.

Lucy LovesSome excellent writing

This is Life

I found this article on a site that features amazing writers: Coffee + Crumbs. If you follow my facebook page you may have already seen this, I shared it on Tuesday. I was sucked in by the first line:

“Today I swept the house and read Cars Galore out loud thirty-five times. I made meals and cleaned them up off the floor.” 

I feel like I am spending my life cleaning up Elsie’s meals off the floor at the moment, it has been driving me insane. Irrational, I know. All kids throw stuff on the floor and I just need to deal with it, but some days I get so tired of the throwing, the mess, and the fact that she is too young to really understand what I am trying to tell her!

When she is upset or overtired, reading her favourite books again and again is all that will settle her; that or me singing songs from The Sound of Music. (That’s my girl!)
So the first line, sucked me right in.

If you haven’t read This is Life written by Suzy Krause, see if you can find the time. Beautiful words, sentiment and message.

Lucy LovesI’ve been chuckling away and enjoying…


My blogging pal Steph from Up the Spout and Roundabout has been sharing her hilarious trilogy this week “Hell is a child friendly caravan park holiday – NOT a review”.

When I wasn’t feeling sorry for Steph for enduring her Caravan ordeal I was chuckling away. Steph is a great writer. She describes the experience so well, painting the picture of her holiday from hell!

My new find this week was Doctomum.  Her post – The Reluctant Employer: The Guide to finding a Nanny is brilliant. It resonated with me because I have been looking for childcare recently and have found it a complete nightmare! I might write a post about it, but I am still getting over the shock. Doctomum is laugh out loud funny. If you get a chance, check out her blog.

 My wine of the week…

Lucy Loves

It wouldn’t be right for me to share a shortlist of things I have loved this week without including my beloved wine. If you read my post the A-Z of me this week, you will know what V and W stand for.

I’m normally a Sauvignon Blanc girl, it is my go-to white wine, most of the time. I find that (in a sweeping generalisation) you are either a Sauvignon lover or a Chardonnay lady. I am not a fan of Chardonnay; I just don’t like the thick, yellow oak-i-ness of it. This week, I was tempted by my friends at Majestic to try something different.

I’ve been getting into Viognier.

[Luis Felipe Edwards Signature Series Viognier Reserva 2013/14, Rapel Valley, Chile. On offer at the moment for £6.66 if you buy two bottles (at Majestic). Other shops are available]

If Sauvignon was at one end of the scale, and Chardonnay at the other I think Viognier would sit in the middle. It’s what to buy if you have some Sauv friends and some Chard friends, because you can’t please all the people, all the time.

It has the fruitiness and freshness for the Sauv fans, it’s still tart and acidic but not in the same way as a Sauvignon. It has actually been oaked (God forbid) but only for 2 months so it is still fresh and not really thick and heavy, like Chardonnay.

It’s kinda peachy, with a bit of apricot and pear. Goes well with curry and other spicy dishes. Obviously it was only right I tested this last night with a takeaway Indian -oops. Diet starts again on Tuesday!


Until next time, be excellent to each other. And party on dudes.

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