I am the Mum who…

I am the Mum who, bottlefor2.com

1. I am the Mum who thought my baby was a miracle.

2. I am the Mum who has made up a song for everything. For putting my daughter in the car seat, for every nappy change and to dry the tears. If I haven’t made a bespoke song, I default to tunes from The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins! (Apparently this makes me old, as when I told the younger lady at the Childminder the tunes I use to help settle her, she didn’t know what I was talking about).

3. I am the Mum who had NO IDEA what the first year of parenthood would be like, and found it harder than I expected.Trike in the garden

4. I am the Mum who ‘brums’ the trike round and round the garden because my daughter loves it so much. Although I get tired and bored after a while, I know it is good exercise, so I carry on!

5. I am the Mum who looks forward to a glass of wine at the end of the day to mark bedtime; and another day survived. I must admit I find it very hard if I am trying to have a ‘day off’ wine. I have to find something else to look forward to. Nothing beats wine.

6. I am the Mum who created Bottlefor2.com because 6 months into maternity leave I thought I was going mad, and had left my brain somewhere between eight months pregnant and January 2015.

7. I am the Mum who had no idea who Doc McStuffins was a year ago, but now I know the words to every song.

8. I am the Mum who really wishes that little ones understood that throwing food all over the floor is SO ANNOYING.

9. I am the Mum who always tries to achieve more in nap time than is physically possible. There are never enough hours in the day!

10. I am the Mum who must always wear waterproof mascara.

11. I am the Mum chasing my little girl round the garden trying to stop her eating the grass, the leaves, the mud, the flowers, the stones! I always manage to stop her eating the stones (because she might die and it terrifies me) but a lot of grass has been ingested. Never mind.

12. I am the Mum trying to work out a business plan so I can work flexibly around my daughter and still afford for us to eat… I just need to find the time!

13. I am the Mum already dreading that day when some awful young ‘boy racer’ wants to take my daughter out in his car. Seriously, there is no need. It makes me mad, Mr T style. Grrr. (this is an A-Team reference for those not au fait with the excellent words of B. A. Baracus).

14. I am also the Mum trying to come up with strategies to avoid my daughter ever dating an undesirable type! (Hopeless! My daughter is only One year old, but I still worry).

15. I am the Mum, who is doing her best, despite the odd meltdown. Doing it my way; navigating through the varied advice and challenges life throws up. Doing what I feel is right. Using common sense and instinct; safe in the knowledge that I know my child better than anyone.

Isn’t that the best all of us can do?


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  • I really like these lists, best type of its kind I’ve seen around.
    I’m with you on 12 (very sensible but where do you find the time to do it?!) Maybe need a point 12b: I a the mum who needs to develop magical talents to find time to do things! #twinklytuesday

    • Thanks Kerry. Yeah number 12 is a bit of a challenge, especially considering the lack of time to think, let alone plan! Then once I have a plan, finding the time set it all up! I think you are right. I might need magic!

  • Aw. Lush.
    I am the mum who naps when the kids nap. I must be a lazy asshole!!
    And I wouldn’t worry about the grass…it’s one of her 5 a day surely. My kid ate a worm from the garden and after freaking out, I realised that he probably got a good dose of protein in the process.
    Lush post as always my beaut xx

    • AH thanks Katy. I’ve never been able to nap when the baby naps. Must be something to do with my insomnia and general inability to sleep! YUK to the worm. Hundreds must have done it but the thought is still minging!

  • Ha Ha! I love this. Number 5 particularly jumped out at me! I also struggle with day off wine days! 🙂 x

  • So lovely to read so glad I tagged you! #wineandboobs and general love! x

    • Thanks Talya. It is a good tag this one, it creates so many types of posts and gives an insight into people’s lives, which let’s face it, us nosey bunch love!

  • Love this honey! I feel you ‘Doc McStuffins’ pain! Time for your check up! Ahhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  • HA ha, 13 and 14 cause me particular pain! Great list, even though I’m a dad. #WineandBoobs

  • I love this! And you’re not alone in worrying about who your daughter will date. My girls are 9, and so far their crushes have met my approval, but I worry that they’ll seek out someone like their father… who in turn turned out to be disappointingly like my father. The chain must end!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!

  • I loved reading these, we’re all so different, but still mums. Thank you for sharing yours

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