How to suck at staying awake & staying asleep

I don’t know about you, but my goodness, I am finding it hard to juggle everything life throws at me and stay awake beyond 8.30pm

Seriously! What is all that about?

Since I have returned to work all of a sudden my body has gone into shock.

Imagine how upset I was when I fell asleep in the middle of the Great British Bake Off  Final!

And even more of a personal tragedy, when I couldn’t even stay awake for the six chair challenge in X Factor last week.

Since Elsie was born, I’ve been tired; at times, exhausted.

Maybe my body still hasn’t caught up?

I lost weeks of sleep that I will never get back. But surely it is the same for everyone?

Looking after a small one is hard work. So is looking after a small one, returning to work and still looking after a small one.

But I am not the only parent who does this.

Once the day’s work is done, the baby is in bed, jobs sorted (ambitious) and the dinner is made, why can I only manage to keep my eyes open for a very short while?

I feel like my Dad. My Dad has always been a fall-asleep-in-the-chair after dinner type. But he is 71, and justified. I’m not quite 40!

I’m trying to remember how many years he has been doing it.

Could it be hereditary?

Am I forever doomed to miss out on an evening’s entertainment because my body goes into shut down?

I hope not.

This post is by some way an explanation for why I haven’t kept up blog pace I used to. Mainly because I can’t stay awake anymore!

I am going to try and do something about it because there is a very important date pending…

My date with Ant and Dec.

The pressure is on. I noticed last night that Ant and Dec are soon going to be back on the TV with “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”

They are my favourites.

I HAVE to be able to stay awake later than 9pm to watch that, I just HAVE to.

I’m not ashamed to say that my social life has become mostly one of mixing with TV characters on an evening. It happens to a lot of parents. But I am saddened to say I can’t guarantee to stay awake for a programme that starts at 9pm!

On my comfy sofa, with the fire lit, after a hard day, my brain just shuts down for a while. It needs to take a break. Why does it choose the time when the best programmes are on?

And then as Sods Law has it, Brain will be wide awake at 4am, problem solving again. This is the time my brain chooses to come up with all the best ideas and things I was too busy to think about all day. And I might not get any more sleep.

Now doesn’t that truly suck?

Fall asleep when I don’t want to, awake when I want to be asleep.

Tell me I’m not alone…

I need to retrain my brain or something.

I am going to try and few different tricks and techniques over the coming weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Feel free to suggest something. But it needs to be realistic. I have a small child, job to go to, cannot leave the house of an evening, and am essentially too knackered to do anymore than I already do.

But I would like to see if I can improve my ability to do more than look after a baby, work, cook, clean and sleep (dysfunctionally).

Even if it is just a mere date night in with Ant and Dec.

Mmmnn an evening with Ant and Dec: the stuff dreams are made of.
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  • It’s not just you!!!!
    I have missed several dates in the last week. I even passed out before I could see Hugh Jackman.
    And my husband is never conscious past 930pm.
    Not sure what to say only that you’re not alone! There’s so many things that I want to do but sadly they all involve being conscious!
    Buy a lottery ticket…then you wouldn’t need to work? Sky plus everything for the days when you are conscious! And knock a few red bulls down for special occasions….the Bake Off would have been one in my book!
    It gets easier. It really does x

  • The story of my life! I’m always teased for being in bed asleep before 9 but it’s either that or snoring on the sofa. Really struggle to fall back to sleep if I wake up at night too. You’re not alone!


  • I have this problem, falling asleep at 9, awake agaim at 4, but mine is insomnia related. Try having a short nap when you put the little one to bed, 20 or 30 mins just to recharge. Set an alarm to wake you for Ant and Dec though. #TwinklyTuesday

  • I still struggle now and my kids are pretty grown up! I think children mess up your sleep pattern for life #TwinklyTuesday

  • It’s not just you! I am ruddy exhausted every evening. Ok so I don’t quite fall asleep but I struggle to fully concentrate on anything! I have to say I don’t have any trouble sleeping at night though. Unless Zach wakes up! Working and parenting is bloody hard but you will adjust and it will get easier. I think! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    • Thanks Lisa, it is good to hear we are not alone in our struggles but I suppose also a bit sad that we all do and can no longer stay awake! Great that you sleep through though. I dream of that day!

  • Oh yes, I can so relate to this post! Mine aren’t so small and I have had this problem for years. Anything past 10pm and I physically can’t cope, the thought if actually going out terrifies me because I may be found asleep in a pub somewhere. I will be with you for I’m a celebrity but mornings won’t be pretty

  • I don’t think it’s hereditary….my mummy is exactly the same! This is a late night comment and its waaaay past her bedtime! (It’s only 9.30pm LOL) #twinklytuesday x

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