Hot tub; a gift for life.

Life is a gift. So is a hot tub.

I’m on my third cup of tea of the morning.

We’ve just got back from a weekend break and I’m feeling the impending doom of Groundhog day. Nothing like a holiday to make your normal life seem dull!

And then there’s the small issue of not feeling rested.

When you go away, you often come back feeling like you need a break. You have a load of unpacking and washing to do. You need to face the inevitable cleaning you didn’t have time to finish before you left. All this on top of everything else you normally have to do in a day. Back to the old routine, with holiday a distant memory.

Traveling can be so stressful with a baby. Timing every activity perfectly to fit in with the routine and naps! It is like a military operation. We never had to think like this back in the day (before baby).

I’m starting to think that there needs to be a new analogy along the lines of going out, out!

I might coin a new phrase. I need a break, break. You know, a break where you actually get a break.

On the bright side, we did have a really wonderful weekend. It was so good to have a change of scenery and spend time together as a family, going on long walks, feeding the ducks, eating in pubs, relaxing at night in front of the fire (if we could stay awake). I didn’t have to worry about cooking three times a day; and the household chores, forgotten.

We went out on day trips to places where real steam trains chugged by and canal boats floated lazily along the water. The scenery was breath-taking. Best of all though, I had a second pair of hands to help me for a whole three and a half days! If only life could be like that all the time.

In the evening once the baby was asleep, I sat in the hot tub, overlooking the duck pond, feeling the warmth soothe the aches and pains I should be too young to have. I enjoyed a glass of wine without thinking I should be doing something else.

So when reality hit me with a thump this morning, I wondered is there a way I could try and make Groundhog day more interesting? I was feeling the post break blues and needed to do something to lift myself out of it.

So I went for a long walk with the baby, to see the ducks. There is a lake with ducks in walking distance but quite far away from my house. So in the spirit of re-living the duck pond that I had overlooked for the past three days, off we trundled.

On the way, walking past the not very scenic houses and avoiding the cracks in the uneven pavement I decided I desperately needed to channel my inner Mary Poppins today, just to get through.

First, I need her sunny disposition. Mind-set is everything.

Secondly, practically speaking, I need her magic to help me clear up the house by clicking my fingers.

We left the house in a rush on Friday, desperate to travel for as long as possible during the precious lunchtime nap window. So “a spoon full of sugar”, stuff that tidies itself away, and a bird with “a merry tune to toot”, would be super right now.

Next, I need the Poppins who can entertain with such ease all day. If Poppins could just pop in, and give me a hand with the baby, that would make my day!

Finally if we could just turn everyday into “a jolly holiday with Mary”, I wouldn’t need to have the blues.

As Robert Holden so wisely points out: In the English language, the word “present” has three distinct meanings: “here”, “now” and “a gift”. Truly, the greatest gifts are always available to you here and now!

So I figured, on my very long walk…(blimey, I ache now)

If I am to make the most of the present, perhaps all I need to tszuj up my life is a hot tub (to ease my pains away), a brilliant nanny (to pop –in and take the pressure off) and a lot of creativity to get me out of the hum drum Groundhog day?

Oh and the odd meal out would help too.

Do I dig out my life savings for this very worthy cause? Hot tubs and nannies don’t come cheap!

It could be a gift to myself to help me enjoy the here and now!

I’m sure that’s not exactly what Robert Holden means. Of course, I need to cherish the life I have and those I love, every day. But it would be nice to do so, in a hot tub!


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