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Hello Friends,

It’s been just over a month since I wrote my post on new beginnings.

Thank you so much to everyone for their kind words and comments on that post.

It’s been a tough time.

February was a pretty intense month.

It’s actually normally a month I love, because my birthday is 23rd February and it is an excuse to get a bunch of my great friends together, have a fab meal and lots of wine.

Not so much this year. I had to cancel my birthday party.

That evil lurgy that floored me at the end of last year came back with a vengeance to take over the house.

It got all three of us.

I was so pissed off as I’d already had it.

It felt SO unfair to be ill again! And with husband and daughter ill too, oh my, what a fun house this was!

I had to cancel my birthday, Blognix, meetings, everything.

I completely lost my voice AGAIN! Which I find so debilitating.


But get this, through it all, I still managed to set up and go live with my new business Leading Conversations.

I don’t know how I did it, but I did!

Every last ounce of energy or snippet of time I could find, I spent building a new website, writing some introductory blogs and getting myself out there.

So amongst all that, over the past month, I just couldn’t find the time to write on Bottlefor2.

(It made me feel really guilty and I missed you all)

I’ve had quite a debate with myself over the past month about what to do about Bottlefor2.

Can I still find the time to keep it going?

Do I need to concentrate only on the new business because I need an income?

How can I let Bottlefor2 go?

The thought of saying goodbye got a little bit too much for me.

I just don’t think I can let go…


You see, I am so grateful for this blog.

If it wasn’t for this blog, I probably would never have set up Leading Conversations.

This blog reignited my passion for writing. It reinforced that authentic communication is absolutely the only way forward. And authentic communication is what Leading Conversations is all about.

Building Bottlefor2.com taught me how to build a website, how to use social media for blogging and in fairness, how to write a blog.

I am so grateful for that, and I am so grateful to you, my audience.

My friends, my supporters, the other bloggers out there who welcomed me into the online world and helped me realise its potential.

But deeper than that, Bottlefor2 is personal.

I have shared the journey of new motherhood here with you.

The funny stuff and the tough stuff.

I’ve laughed and cried and on occasion, ranted!

It’s like a little piece of me. I’m not sure I can let it go.

So I am going to try to do both, if I can.

heart sand

I have a lot of hard work ahead as I take my absolute passion – people, conversations and communication and turn that into a business I really care about.

It’s pretty exciting.

I’ve taken my experience from my career in change, communications and engagement over the past 16 years, combined it with the online world, and created a little space on the internet where I can help, guide, and inspire others.

I help brands and businesses (or business people with soul – as I call them) learn how to connect with their audience: whether employees, customers, or supporters.

I do this by helping them harness the power of authenticity.

When you communicate authentically, you connect with an audience.

Through genuine connection, the audience are more likely to buy into what you are saying, or even to buy what you’re selling.

I certainly don’t need to tell bloggers that. You know this stuff!

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have had to communicate something you don’t really believe in, you’ll know it doesn’t feel good.

People sense that.

They sense in-authenticity, they smell out bull-shit.

It feels better to be yourself, share your story, and genuinely connect with people.

And as a result have more success.

I’m here to help people take the bull-shit out of business and show there is a better way.


So that’s what I’ve been busy doing.

That, and trying to get rid of this darn voice stealing virus.


I’d love it if you’d check out the Leading Conversations Blog.

I think there might be stuff on there you’d enjoy reading too.

No pressure. Just if you fancy it!

I’ve also set up a twitter account @leadingconv and Facebook page

But it is all VERY early days.

I just want to finish by saying thank you.

If it wasn’t for you, I might never have had this amazing experience of sharing my life with you on Bottlefor2. And now sharing it as my life moves on from surviving motherhood, to managing motherhood and a business!


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If you haven’t already, please join Bottlefor2 on facebook and twitter. I’m just trying to figure out google + so join me there too, if you wish. You can also subscribe to my blog via the menu (near the top) or





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  • I totally agree with you – authenticity is key! Please don’t stop blogging here – it’s such a lovely space – but also we bloggers MUST NOT put ourselves under too much pressure, we must enjoy what we are doing – or we are not AUTHENTIC
    Hope you’re better soon Cx

    • Thank you Clare. Ah thanks, it’s nice to feel wanted 😉 You are right though, I am going to have to take the pressure off. I wont be able to blog as often as lots of others, especially the pro-bloggers I follow! But you are right, and I am so passionate about it, we do have to enjoy what we are doing to be truly authentic.

  • Lovely post Lucy! So excited to hear that you have this new chapter ahead of you even tho Feb was tough and wishing you so much luck and that you manage to find the time to keep up the blogging too. And thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely lady x

  • Lovely post. I often feel that there is so little time to juggle everything that my blogging takes a back seat but I love it so much, I NEED it in my life, that whatever time I do have to dedicate to it will just have to be enough. #brilliantblogposts

  • How did I miss this?! To be fair, life has been a little surreal for me since April so I guess that’s how. What very exciting news 🙂 You’ve not blogged since this post so I guess life is busy with the new business! Off to check it out now. x

    • Looks like we’ve both been distracted for one reason or another. Yes, I’ve had to take a break from Bottlefor2 so I could concentrate on Leading Conversations. I’d love to revive it and bring it back and have been thinking about it a lot recently. It’s just finding the time to do both!
      Thanks for coming over and commenting xx

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