‘Experts’ know breast?

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding

I’m sick of hearing ‘breast is best’,

I had to get this off my chest.

Formula feeding is just fine too

if that is what you need to do.


Sometimes Mothers’ have no choice

but have to listen to voice after voice,

compounding the guilt they’re made to feel

by providing baby with a formula meal.


When a Mum is exhausted, all she needs

is someone to question the way she feeds.

Do you want to tip her in to depression

by your thoughtless, insensitive judging session?


There are many reasons breast can’t be done.

It doesn’t make you less of a Mum.

You love your baby with all your heart.

I know you’ll give yours the very best start.


She’ll have heard and read all the advice

a thousand times, it isn’t nice.

So much guidance, all for breast;

where’s the support when it isn’t best?


Perhaps ‘experts’ could spend more of their time

stopping child abuse, or fighting crime?

Not harassing Mums on their relentless task

I hope that isn’t too much to ask.


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  • Bloody brilliant!! A wonderful poem Lucy and I hugely agree. Seb and I didn’t manage it for more than 5 days and I remember the initial guilt being awful. However he is absolutely fine and one of the healthiest kids in his class so it obviously didn’t do him any harm….plus I got to get back to my wine a little quicker (which had absolutely nothing to do with my decision of course). x

    • Thanks Tor. Of course the wine had nothing to do with it but an added bonus! It is a frustrating topic really isn’t it. My brothers and sister and I were not breastfed and we’ve all turned out well. My sister is one of the brightest people I know (IQ off the scale, I’d say) and my brothers are both fit and healthy and great at what they do. I think there needs to be more consideration, effort, time, money, and support put into things like mental health or educating parents on how to bring kids up well. Good values, manners, communication skills wouldn’t go a miss too. There are so many more factors that affect a kid’s future, more important ones, that make a real difference to how they turn out. Thanks for sharing my poem and commenting. You’re a gem.

  • Now I breast fed for nearly a year and even I hate the sanctimony that some people place on it! Great poem there you have a real talent!x

  • Great poem, I totally agree with the sentiment here. Stop judging, and let mum decide what is best for her and baby.

  • Sheer brilliance. An important subject summed up in a fantastic poem. Clever lady. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  • Absolutely fantastic, you have literally echoed thoughts of thousands here! You are so very right about the lack of support for formula feeding. I feel as though I had absolutely no advice about formula feeding my baby (well, no, I lie. A leaflet was passed to me amongst a pile of others) BUT I could use the BF leaflets as loo paper for weeks if I had wanted to!


  • My first baby was formula fed from the start, because I went straight back to university (loooong story), and my baby boy was exclusively breast fed until 6 months after which he got formula top ups until 11 months and now he only gets formula.
    There is no difference. My daughter is super healthy, hardly ever gets sick, isn’t allergic to anything and isn’t a fussy eater (all things which are supposedly issues of formula babies). I only breastfed my boy because I had the time to do it and I tried to save money.
    My aunt, who is a dietitian says that sometimes formula is better, as it has all the nutrients which baby needs. If a mother isn’t eating right, her milk won’t have everything the baby needs.
    Awesome poem!
    Best wishes,

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