Drinking wine: cliché or necessity?

I was reading some advice on blog writing the other day, and it said that you should avoid clichés.

I get it. I don’t use old phrases such as ‘Strong as an Ox’ to describe things or, ‘It never rains but it pours’.

I understand that those are overused, and a bit old. However, the advice said that Mums drinking wine was a cliché.

I might be overused and a bit old, but me, a cliché?

Mums drinking wine isn’t so much a cliché as a necessity, in my opinion.

Since when did a person’s love of wine, become a cliché?

Wine, that has been in our lives for centuries.

Wine, a multi-billion pound industry.

Wine that Jesus, himself, drank.

Every mum I know drinks wine. Fact.

Does that mean Mums are akin to Jesus?

(I could dig a big hole here).

All I am saying is: There are some days that just deserve the relief of at last, putting your feet up, and sipping something delicious from a glass bottle made for grown-ups. Drinking wine will never be old and overused to me. Nor will drinking Gin.

I’m not the only one either.

Amy Ransom wrote an excellent piece called “The five stages of motherhood”.

Stage 4 is ‘wine’. It’s very funny. And true. You should read it.

Amy says: “There’s a reason ALL mums talk about wine.

It’s not a cliche. Or because we think it makes us sound funny or cool.

It’s because we drink it. A LOT. And we’re not ashamed to admit it.”

Katie at Hurrah for Gin, is also very funny and acknowledges that, amongst other things, motherhood requires Gin.

Carry on Katy (hilarious)  in a recent post delighted at having a fridge full of wine! I felt her joy. I long for a wine fridge. It wouldn’t stay full for long though.

I must also make mention to Teacuptoria who is currently not drinking wine, or eating cake. A double whammy. It is a great hardship. I send good vibes her way.

These ladies are all mums. I admire them for their original writing, comedy and honesty. And for their love of a well needed beverage at the end of the day. (Or even another determined time of day depending upon justification).

I enjoy reading their blogs, cliché or not.

We drink wine. So what?

Even my doctor (who it turns out a very wise lady, and a Mother) agrees.

Yesterday, I went to see the doctor about my bronchitis. She could see I was suffering more from mental exhaustion, from my relentless life as mum. She said what I really needed was a proper break, some rest, and that I should go out and have a glass of wine with some mum friends.

(I KNOW, you have to love that woman)

So my doctor prescribes a cliché, and I am one.

I’m not saying it’s big and clever or anything. It just is, what it is!


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  • It’s a necessity for me! I don’t think it was before I had children but it definitely is now. It’s takes me from ‘highly strung/going mental’ to ‘cool relaxed mum’ in 5 seconds and nothing else available (without a prescription or a dealer!) does that. I can’t wait to be back in the beautiful land of wine 🙂 5 weeks and counting. Thank you for the mention, a fabulous post as always. x

  • Amen to this post!
    As a semi-professional wine drinker and owner of a wine fridge, I’d like to suggest that if you’re having a particularly taxing day, drinking wine through a curly-wurly straw will get you where you need to be a lot quicker.

    • Ha ha Katy. I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to drink wine through a straw but each to their own. I prefer to choose a nice big red wine glass for white, if the day has been particularly challenging. After all, its still just the one!

  • ALL THE YESSSSIZ! See my Twitter bio…. 😉 #brilliantblogposts

  • Didn’t even need to read the post to give an answer (as I have just became a loyal follower, I did read the post and my answer is still the same), Total necessity!
    Best wishes,

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