Don’t be a Robot: inspiration from a knackered mum

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Guilty as charged.

I let myself get so wrapped up in surviving one moment to the next that I almost lost sight of myself.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

That’s how the phrase goes.

Sometimes we ought to pay attention to it.

Because, this is Life. Now, here in this moment.

If we keep waiting for that one day when, who knows how much time we will waste not making the best of each day.

I am guilty of this.

I know what its like just getting from one task to the next.

The routine is relentless.

The mad rush to get up, washed, dressed; get the kids up washed and dressed; sort out the breakfast, sort out the packed lunch and get out the door all before 8am.

It’s tough.

Sometimes you just do these things like a robot, getting from one thing to another.

Robot. Robot. Robot.

Sometimes in order to survive, you deal with one task at a time, mindlessly.

There isn’t enough brain power to even think of the next task before you complete the first. It’s too overwhelming. You hope that you just make it to the next one, and the next one.

Robot. Robot. Robot.

Understandably, sometimes, you just have to say F-ck it.

Like in the early days of being a parent, when having a shower was a luxury and getting dressed was optional. I realise this advice might be too much for the Mum of a new born.

To you I say: hang on in there lady, it will get better.

(It really doesn’t matter if you don’t get dressed today, seriously)

In fact we are all allowed a F-ck it moment or two.

The washing up can wait till tomorrow kinda F-ck it, it’s allowed.

Sod it, let’s get a takeaway.

Just do it.

This advice goes to those who might have got lost in parenthood; or just got lost, moving from task to task mindlessly. Now it’s time to claim some You back.

Inspiration to claim some You back.

You know, the You that once had dreams, thoughts entirely your own, the You that maybe once had a social life…

Read a great book

I can almost hear you laughing out loud! When was the last time you had time to read a fricking book!?

What I’m suggesting is pick a really inspirational, uplifting book, one that makes you think. Try and find some time while the bath is running?

Or instead of watching TV one evening, or early in the morning, in the peace before everyone wakes.


It’s amazing the difference inspirational words can make to your thoughts. Much better for you than an episode of EastEnders.


I recently re read The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra. It got me thinking differently again. I’d forgotten how. I was too busy being a Robot.


There are also some great inspirational blog posts out there if a book is just too difficult.

I recently shared this brilliant post “Ten things we need to stop doing to live a happier life” by Scratching the Map, on my Facebook page

It’s just as important to think about the things you should stop doing, as it is to start doing things.

Arrange to see your friends


It can get really difficult in our busy lives to find the time to meet up with our friends. Especially if they don’t live nearby, and especially once we’ve become parents.


I’m talking quality friend time, without the kids. Get them off to bed and have a proper giggle and a chat.

Like in the old days.

There is nothing quite like a good old natter with your besties to help you snap out of Robot mode and reconnect to who you are.


Learn something new


There is incredible power in learning something new. First, it reminds you that you are still capable of learning new things, and second, it opens up possibilities you might not have thought about previously.


Is there something you always wish you’d got round to doing?


Learning to paint maybe?


Learning to drive?


Or something a little less time consuming…


Learning about the latest cool apps in social media?


I learned about BLAB the other day and I’m intrigued to try it.

Watch this space.

There may well be some Bottlefor2 friends blabbing in the future. I just need to get over how my face looks on a webcam!

Learning something new creates a new focus, just for you.


It might remind you how brilliant you are.

Because you are, you know.


You just need to step away from the Robot to remind yourself of it.
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  • This is a very very thought provoking post. I try every day to do at least one lovely thing with the girls to snap us out of Robot mode. Throw a disco in the kitchen. Get out all the paint and go a bit crazy. Go for a random walk. But I could probably do with doing some stuff for me…just me. A book, a girly lunch, or pamper day. I should do it. I will do it…..Thank you for linking up to #coolmumclub

  • Great post Lucy. I think we are all guilty of getting robotic…it’s hard not to as parents but great tips here. I need to read that book! I was feeling very robotic of late so booked a last minute weekend break with the family because I just needed so desperately not to be a robot for a bit! Thanks so much for linking to #coolmumclub lovely xx

    • Thanks Talya. Glad it resonates with you. Booking a weekend away is another great way to claim yourself back. Good for you. It is a great book. Inspiring. I would recommend it x

  • Great post. I think we all fall into robot mode, sometimes without realising it. #PoCoLo

    • absolutely Jennifer. It’s always good to take a step back and think hang on a moment…. Am I in Robot mode? And then make sure you take that time out to read or see your friends or whatever gets your mojo back!

  • This is such a great post Lucy. I have been so guilty of this in the past and I am so pleased to say that I am FAR less like this these days. I have started to get better about doing more things with my daughter and putting stuff off a bit more. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  • I totally feel your pain & love the ideas to make yourself feel more human again! #KCACOLS

  • Such an eye opening and great post. I couldn’t agree more we have to stop waiting for what tomorrow may bring and live in the moment. For we can never get back the wasted moments. Xx #KCACOLS

    • So glad you got something out of it. Just doing my little bit to help us Mums support each other and find a little happiness. Thanks for coming over and commenting. You’re right, we just need to open our eyes a little more.

  • Oh I agree, its good to step off the treadmill every now and again and remember who you are. Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS hope to see you again for next week

  • Such a lovely post. It’s actually made me stop and think for a second. My little one is 10 months so I’m slowly getting some control back over me and this post is just what I needed. I feel much better for leaving those dishes tonight, hey I might even close this down and get stuck into a book I’ve been trying to finish. Thanks for the inspirational, thoughtful words! #KCACOLS

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