Do you dream of a tidier house?

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Do you dream of a tidier house?


You might be perfect. Your house might be perfect. I’ll just get that out there right now.

Or there could be room for improvement…

For me there is always room for improvement. I have a lot of stuff.

A lot of stuff, and not enough storage.

I inherited a hoarding gene from my father. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).


In my house, I shamefully admit that if you walk into my bedroom, there are inevitably a few things strewn over a chair that ought to be in the wardrobe.

It looks messy.

I look at it wishing it to be tidier.

But that would mean sorting my storage out.

It seems such an effort.

Now if only I actually got rid of the things that didn’t fit me, I’d be in a better place (storage wise) but because I keep intending to lose weight, I don’t want to chuck everything out.

I know I am not alone here! I think we all guiltily hang on to a few things we hope to squeeze back into.

You might be the wardrobe queen and have colour coordinated racks full of stuff that actually fits you. A beautifully designed wardrobe, with draws, shoe racks and hat boxes.

Good for you. I applaud you.


I even have a shoe rack at the bottom of my wardrobe. Full with shoes I don’t often wear.

The heels I used to wear before I had a baby, barely see the light of day.

Then there’s the utility room. Our back door opens into our utility room and until recently, it was a dumping ground for shoes. The ones we actually wear.

The wellies, the flats, and the cute little baby shoes. The everyday stuff you use that doesn’t fit in the wardrobe, and frankly, it isn’t practical for it to live there, because you need it, by the door.

Recently, my amazing husband made one small change that made all the difference to our utility room.

He bought a shoe rack.


shoe rack, storage solutions

We tidied up the shoes and somehow the room felt better.

Walking into the house to a pile of shoes just used to make me groan.

Walking in to a tidy room with a cute rack of shoes, made me happy!



Feeling inspired? You can find some cool shoe storage ideas here.



There are some really clever solutions these days.


You can find shoe storage to slot under the stairs. Or beautifully designed, creative furniture.

Storage under stairs : Storage by Fraher Architects Ltd


There is something for everyone.

We just went with something really simple.

But just that one simple thing changed the way I felt when I walked through the door each day.

So worth it.


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*This post was written in collaboration with Homify. Words and opinions my own.


  • I love your shoe rack, it looks like it must have made such a difference! We have a tiny one at the back of our hall cupboard but it only holds a few pairs and mostly they just end up thrown in, I’m wondering if something like this would work better for us.

    • Thanks Jennifer. Simple things sometimes can make all the difference. I’ll email you the details of where we got it, if you like… I think it’s now on sale for a bargain… Funny how a rack of tidy shoes can bring such happiness. 🙂

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