Commuters: Help the ‘fat’ lady who might be pregnant

I’ve been there, no doubt you have too,  if you are a public transport commuter. There are hardly ever seats available.

People sit ‘reading’, with kindle, ipad or paper. Some even have a good old fashioned book. So engrossed in such media, that they are literally BLIND to the people around them.

Peripheral vision does not exist in the commuting world, where seats come at a premium. Even though we’ve all paid loads of money for the privilege.

You desperately want to keep your seat. Finders, keepers right?COMMUTERS

You deserve it, right?

Dilemma: Is that lady fat or is she pregnant?

If she is wearing a ‘baby on board’ badge (thanks London Underground) , it’s a hint.

*Watch as faces hide behind newspapers*

Here’s why you should let her have your seat:

She might actually be pregnant.

  1. If you’ve suffered a train or tube journey with morning sickness, you deserve that seat. It is worse than a hangover. Yes, you over there, pretending to be asleep. Note to passenger: you are saving yourself from being puked on, because being able to sit and breathe through it, helps. Perhaps offer her a mint? How nice would that be?
  2. She may also be suffering from pregnancy insomnia. This may be her only chance to sleep. Go on, offer her your seat.
  3. She deserves the seat because she is carrying around a heavy load on a body that is twisting, shifting and stretching itself to cope. She has swollen ankles and is tired. (Just quietly creating life over there people. Just saying).
  4. Because she might cry. Hormones. I have been stuck (literally) between hoards of people on a busy tube, heavily pregnant, wearing a ‘baby on board’ badge, feeling exhausted with tears trickling down my face and hundreds of people failed to notice. Sad that is. Very sad.

Even if she isn’t pregnant: Here’s why you should offer her your seat.

  1. She will still be very grateful for the seat. She may have recently had a baby and therefore has a bit of a tummy. She will be sleep deprived and on the edge of madness. FOR GODS SAKE, GIVE HER YOUR SEAT.
  2. She might be a Mum. Wouldn’t you let your Mum sit down?
  3. She might be a Mum of many. She may not have slept in a long, long time. This journey is the only rest she gets.
  4. You will make this persons day. Letting someone have your seat, is one of the kindest things one commuter can do for another. That, and not eating smelly food.  Share the love people, share the love.

If you feel well enough to stand, and see the fading face of another in need, please let them have a seat. Man, woman, child or other.

*Personal Note:

Dear Humans, I am very, very grateful to all the lovely people who did let me sit down when I was pregnant, commuting four and a half hours a day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved my life and that of my baby.

As for the rest of you: Curses. I am very disappointed in you. I hope that one day you find some humanity.


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  • I think it goes even further than the “fat” lady who might be pregnant. There’s a whole list of people you should give up your seat for. Elderly people, parents with small children, anyone carrying heavy baggage, people with obvious injuries, or women in beautiful high heels that look uncomfortable (ok…maybe that last one is just my wishful thinking)

    • Completely agree. I did mention at the end any man, woman, child or other but I did focus on the mums first! Too many of these manners have disappeared. Thanks so much for your comment.

  • oh bless you! Listen up London!!

    Thanks for linking up lovely and here’s to you getting lots of seats offered up from now on! #TheList xxx

  • Too right! Absolutely agree. Luckily I drove when I was pregnant, can’t imagine commuting on a bloody train luv! X

    • It was hell! Thanks for coming over. Great you were in the newbie showcase today #PoCoLo Good work! Basically trying to form any kind of plan to avoid having anything like a 4 hr commute again! Hope your move is going well xx

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  • Ahh but see the problem is if someone offers you a seat and you’re not pregnant they’re calling you fat…. And then you get offended!

    I remember being on a packed train trying to get to the priority seat, massively pregnant and hot and bothered. Sobbing. And sobbing. I eventually got the seat and continued to sob. Cue akward commuters all around me! Thanks for linking with #effitfriday love your rants Lucy!

    • I’m just pleased to be offered a seat Laura, pregnant, fat or not! I am a lady after all 😉
      Yes my sobbing moment was also rather awkward. It is also hard to know unless you’ve been pregnant and struggled, how hard it is to commute on a rush hour tube. There ought to be lessons on it, you know like an air hostess announcement. “The priority seats are over here and over here”, “please let that fat pregnant lady sit down young man on the iphone”.

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