Feature On Bottlefor2.com

Think of Bottlefor2 as a conversation amongst friends A parenting and lifestlyle blog, creating conversations about real life. Described as “A blog that will become your best friend”. Between 6-7K unique visitors per month and growing.   Visualise a virtual kitchen, or wine bar; where friends come to share their lives, their loves, genuine recommendations and trusted top tips. We’re […]

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Lucy Loves #5 Gin, Ducks & Soave

Hello, and welcome back to any Lucy Loves Lovers! I’ve been super busy, so things have been a bit quieter on the blog this past week. I was planning two celebrations for my daughters first birthday, having family to stay, celebrating said birthdays, dealing with the trauma of Elsie turning One plus starting her part-time at the childminders; then culminating […]

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Lucy Loves #3

Another eventful week. From the low point on Wednesday where I had a mini meltdown, then realised running out of waterproof mascara was a big mistake; to the high point of being nominated for ‘best writer’ and ‘blog of the year’ in the MAD Blog Awards. I am so happy that people are enjoying my blog and I would love […]

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Lucy Loves #2

 It’s been a long and eventful week. It felt long to me because my baby stopped napping, and frankly, it exhausted me! Plus, unheard of for me I went out Saturday to spend some time with three of my bessie mates, and then 100 miles back again for my Dad’s birthday party the next day! Not the best planning in […]

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Lucy Loves (# 1)

Introducing my new feature, Lucy Loves   My shortlist of things I have loved from the past week. The little princess First, I must make mention of the new arrival, the Royal baby girl! Well done Kate. In the hospital at 6am, baby 8.36am and out the hospital by evening! Looking amazing. I don’t know who else would dare wear […]

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The A-Z of me

The talented Talya from Motherhood The Real Deal tagged me to write an A-Z of me. Thank you Talya. It has been an interesting exercise! Having been at home with the baby for the last ten months I wondered whether I was capable of finding 26 things to share about me (some days I almost forget who I am). I […]

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Mourning Sunday Morning

Sunday. The kind where you wake up feeling the effects of the night before, so you stay in bed a bit longer. You look at your phone to check facebook to see if there is any evidence of your night, then your messages for a badly spelt ‘I love you’ text message to your friends (or worse). Does anyone still […]

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The reason I never married Robbie Williams

Back in the day, in my teenage years, my best friends and I loved singing.

We also loved Take That.

(For my American friends: Think ‘New Kids on The Block’; or for younger friends; ‘One Direction’)

My two friends and I were actually pretty good singers and thought that maybe we could crack our way into showbiz one day, and become pop stars. (And meet Take That!)

Back then, this was not a realistic goal at all. It was the era when record labels ruled the world and X Factor did not exist. There were no “make me a star, Simon” shows about in those days.

There was no twitter or facebook. Pop stars were totally inaccessible. This made them appear even more famous because they were seemingly less real. Magazines and TV shows were the only way to learn anything about your “future husband” (ahem, Robbie Williams) *Translation: Mark Wahlberg/Harry Styles*

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Commuters: Help the ‘fat’ lady who might be pregnant

I’ve been there, no doubt you have too,  if you are a public transport commuter. There are hardly ever seats available. People sit ‘reading’, with kindle, ipad or paper. Some even have a good old fashioned book. So engrossed in such media, that they are literally BLIND to the people around them. Peripheral vision does not exist in the commuting […]

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Food for you and your baby Following my post on weaning, I’ve very quickly written down some easy recipes you can try. Fish Pie Very simply, get some fresh fish (pre packed fish pie mix is very handy). Chuck it in the bottom of an oven proof dish. Squeeze the juice of a lemon over it (adds seasoning without using […]

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Hi I’m Lucy. Mother, wine lover, home cook, self-help enthusiast and business owner. I love a good inspirational book, a glass of wine (large) and before I had a baby, I loved to take my handbags out on a little jaunt somewhere (with my husband, of course). I have a beautiful daughter, Elsie May (born June 2014), an amazing husband, […]

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