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  by Cody Swanson A Reliable Online Pharmacy? is an online pharmacy intermediary located in British Columbia that has helped over 250,000 customers from all over the world to get their prescription drugs. The pharmacy sells both brand and generic drugs at a price that is at times 90% cheaper than the cost that local pharmacy sells the drugs. For the over-the-counter medications, you will simply order for the drugs once you log in to the pharmacy’s website. If you are buying prescription-only drugs, you will be required to have a valid prescription from a medical doctor. has been verified by the bodies that regulate the operations of online pharmacies after fulfilling all the set requirements. This means that it can be trusted to supply original medications that will aid in treating various health complications. They source their drugs from trusted manufacturers from Canada and other countries all over the world. This has enabled them to get the drugs at the lowest prices possible and also stock a wide variety of drugs that would be impossible to find in local pharmacies.

The customer service team at the pharmacy is committed to ensuring that their customers are treated with all respect and given all the assistance they need when placing their orders. There is a licensed pharmacist who is always ready to answer to customers concerns regarding the drugs purchased at the pharmacy and also educate them on drug interactions. A toll-free number has been provided on the pharmacy’s website and customers do not have a reason not to contact the pharmacy.

To ensure that the drugs supplied to their customers are original, ensure that all the overseas online pharmacies that it reaches out to in order help in supplying customer’s orders have been verified and are operating legally. These pharmacies have been licensed by the governments that host their headquarters to offer pharmaceutical services and can, therefore, be trusted to provide effective medications. Reviews has received both positive and negative reviews from customers who have been purchasing drugs from them. Rob Freeman is one of the customers who has been purchasing drugs from the pharmacy for the past eighteen months. He says that though the prices of the drugs were great, they were too slow when attending to customers. The pharmacy has of late been underperforming when it comes to customers orders; for his case, the pharmacy staffs have lost multiple prescriptions that he has sent in when making his orders. On enquiring about them, they tell him to get another prescription from his doctor and send it to the pharmacy.

Another problem that he has encountered when dealing with the pharmacy is the constant call from the pharmacy staff asking him to place his refill order

Another problem that he has encountered when dealing with the pharmacy is the constant call from the pharmacy staff asking him to place his refill order. Even after placing his order, they still keep calling asking him to make another refill which is quite annoying. He would not recommend to anyone because of the above reasons.

Canadianpharmacymeds Customer Reviews

Another customer says that the company has enabled him to save over $900 every month for the products that he used to buy from a local pharmacy. His doctor encouraged him to get the drugs from Canadian Pharmacy Meds and when he took the initiative, he discovered that the process was easy. the customer service team was also very helpful and he will be placing other orders in future. once you place your first order with the pharmacy, you will not have peace. They will constantly make calls and send numerous emails every day in an effort to make you order from them again. The can call her at any time without giving any regard to her privacy or being mindful about how she feels about the calls. She says that the antibiotic medications she bought from them were sourced from an Indian pharmacy and were not as effective as they should have been. She advises people to avoid buying from this pharmacy. Coupons has a few discount coupons that are currently active in the pharmacy. The first coupon will enable anyone who buys drugs from the pharmacy to get a discount on all medications sold at the pharmacy. You will only need to shop and the pharmacy to enjoy this discount.

The other discount coupon that has been displayed at the pharmacy is asking people to subscribe to their emails so that they will notify you whenever an offer is activated. Below is a photo showing the discount coupons that are currently active at

Canadianpharmacymeds discount coupons

Is Legit?

Though has been certified by the bodies that regulate online pharmacies, the reviews from customers who have been buying drugs from them are negative. The pharmacy has done very little to redeem its image from these negative reviews.

The customer service at the pharmacy is too slow and have been said to misplace customers’ prescriptions as reported by one of the customers. This has made a lot of customers lose their faith in the pharmacy and opts to buy from other reliable online pharmacies. Instead of putting your health at risk by buying from such a pharmacy, you can check out the great offers at Pharmacy Mall which has been trusted for years since it ensures timely delivery of customers’ orders.

You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies if you need help in identifying a reliable online pharmacy to buy drugs from. You do not have to wait for your order for months before you can receive it when there are other online pharmacies that will ensure fast delivery of your orders.


Though has been verified by the regulatory bodies that control online pharmacies, it has not lived up to its promise in delivering high-quality medications. Customers who have purchased drugs from them complain that their orders take long to arrive and even when they are delivered, the drugs are not as effective as they ought to. The pharmacy staffs are not keen to address these issues and instead, they will keep pressuring you to make fresh orders even when there is a pending order. Instead of buying from such a pharmacy, where the quality of the drugs supplied is not guaranteed, you should look for a reliable online pharmacy like Pharmacy Mall to buy drugs from. You can also check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies and select one of the credible online pharmacies listed there. These pharmacies have positive reviews from their customers and this is enough proof that you will get effective medications if you buy from them.

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