Buying Prescriptions from Canada

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Buying Prescriptions from Canada

There is always a time when you are fed up of spending a fortune on the purchase of a product. The solution could never be to stop purchasing the product; the rational solution would be to discover a cheaper and a more efficient way to obtain the product. Our focus, of course, is on pharmaceutical products. There are certain drugs that are of great importance to certain patients to use on a frequent basis. Without these drugs, the health of these patients deteriorates and they leave an unhappy life. The accrual of the expense of the purchase of these drugs could be sometimes financially wrecking. Often times we see patients mostly in the US complaining about the price of a drug being ridiculously high and unaffordable. To make the situation worse there are no generics which could have helped in reducing the cost of treatments. This can be ascribed to the fact that American pharmaceutical businesses are known to patent their brands for a long duration of time which could span for up to 20 years. The patent prevents the manufacturing of generics and also gives them the ability to autonomously set prices. Since they have autonomy in setting prices, the prices are set high. The pharmaceutical companies often defend these high prices by stating that they spent a fortune on research to discover the formula for the treatment the drugs give. They also state that they spent a fortune on putting the product out there through marketing. Thanks to Canadian pharmacies, prescription drugs that are high priced in the US are up to 50 % lower in Canada. This is because the patents don’t apply in Canada. Thus, generics of the brands can be produced. This heightens the competition and makes these pharmaceutical companies drop their price in Canada so they can subsist. Over the years millions of patients from the United States have ordered their drugs from Canada to save a huge sum of money.

In this article, we would be telling you everything you need to know about Buying prescription drugs from Canada.

Buying Prescription Drugs from Canada

As we have already stated that several US patients find Canadian pharmacies as a way out of spending a fortune on prescription meds used for various treatments. Later in the article, we would share with you how to buy prescription drugs safely. Before we get to that, we would like to share a simple tip on purchasing drugs cheaply from Canada. The tip is to make your purchases from CIPA pharmacies. CIPA is Canadian International Pharmacy Association. CIPA pharmacies are reputed for selling prescription drugs at the lowest of prices. They sell Prescription products of reputable pharmaceutical companies to Canadian and United States citizens. Since its establishment in 2002, it has successfully shipped out over 10 million prescription meds to patients in the United States. The CIPA has been known to provide quality control to its and ship drugs safely and timely to your desired location (either in the US or Canada). All member pharmacies of the CIPA have reached the CIPA criteria display the CIPA seal on their platform. Check out the image of the seal below



Any Canadian pharmacy that bears this seal on its website is a CIPA pharmacy and you can be sure to get your prescription drugs from this website at the cheapest of prices.  If you desire to see a list of the CIPA pharmacies you can refer to their website. However, we have created a list of top-notch pharmacies recommended for you. Check them out.

Is Buying Prescriptions from Canada Legal?

If you are in the US and you desire to order drugs from Canada to your doorstep, you might wonder if it is legal to buy prescription drugs from Canada. It is an important question, I mean no one wants to be prosecuted for trying to buy an essential med at a lower price. No one also wants to have a problem with his shipments and end up throwing a huge sum of cash away. The fact is that ordering drugs from Canada in the US is not exactly legal. But the authorities have not held anyone for a prosecution to date. For over a decade millions of Americans have ordered for prescription drugs from Canadian Pharmacies and they have not had a problem with their shipments. So long as your order does not go beyond the ceiling of 90 pills and you do not order narcotics or some other controlled substance. If you order narcotics or prescription drugs beyond 90 pills, you would draw the attention of the authorities and your parcel might be confiscated. This is because 90 pills are the ceiling for personal use, anything beyond that is for commercial purpose like reselling or sharing with other people.

Is Buying Prescriptions from Canada Safe?

We would like to say that buying drugs from Canada is safe so long as you make your order from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy. Note that not all pharmacies that display the Canadian flag on their website are truly legitimate some are a scam and are not even located within the confinements of Canada. So, the first way you know a legit Canadian pharmacy is when it has a real physical address that is in a region in Canada.

Buying Prescription Medications from Canada safely

Buying Prescription Medications from Canada safely

A legit Canadian pharmacy would also be accredited by CIPA or VIPPS. You should also be able to find positive reviews about the pharmacy online. They would also never sell prescription drugs to you without asking for a prescription from a doctor. A safe and legit Canadian pharmacy would provide you a customer support that would help in rectifying any issues you might encounter.


Buying prescription drugs from Canada is a smart choice if you are looking to save money and get your prescription drugs without spending a fortune. However, you have got to make sure that your order is from a legit Canadian pharmacy. For reputable pharmacies that sell original drugs at cheap prices, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. Finally, do well to beware of the numerous scammers online.

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