Buy Pain Meds Online Legally: Avoid Getting into Trouble with the Law

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Buy Pain Meds Online Legally: Avoid Getting into Trouble with the Law

According to an estimate done back in 2017, over 35,000 pharmacies are operating online. More than 90% of these online stores don’t comply with the state and federal laws. This means that they are illegal. On a daily basis, about 20 illegal pharmacies get launched. This means that there are numerous fake stores. For anyone who is looking to order his pain meds online, it is important to know whether it is legal or illegal.

There are a variety of pain meds that are being sold online currently. These include hydrocodone, Percocet, Oxycodone, tramadol, Vicodin, and others. The problem with ordering your meds online from a random store is the fact that you can get tricked quite easily and end up with fake drugs while you think what you received will work. One question that many patients require an answer to is whether it is legal to purchase their pain medications online.

Is it Legal to Buy Pain Medication Online?

In order to answer this question, we researched in online patient forums. We wanted to find what people who have experience with ordering pain medications online had to say about its legality. We found one user who had ordered pain medications online several times and was scared about whether it was legal or illegal.

Buying Pain Meds Online

Buying Pain Meds Online

The guy above wants to know whether it is legal to order pain medications online. He had actually ordered this drug from a guy that he had found online several times. He says that the medications that he got usually worked well for him. The drug was also very cheap for him. However, he had to stop at some point since he did not know whether he was doing the right thing. He posted the above question in order to get an input from people who are more knowledgeable on ordering their drugs online. We found replies to the above question. The replies are as follows:

Purchasing Pain Meds Online

Purchasing Pain Meds Online

Tracy who is the first to reply says that she has also purchased her pain medications online. She says that she had had a severe accident and her back was in pain for years. She could not afford the high-cost medications in the local drug stores. Her friend introduced her to someone who could sell the pain medications to her online. This turns out to be the same person who had been selling the drugs to Smith. She says that she has been ordering from him for half a decade and she has never experienced any troubles. The prices that she gets online are much lower and the medications always get to her in time. However, Tracy says that she is not sure about whether ordering pain medications online is illegal or not legal. The final reply says that buying pain medications in the united states is only illegal if the patient does not have a prescription.

The above replies show that ordering pain medications online is not illegal as long as you have a prescription. If you lack a prescription, some online pharmacies will offer you the best consultation with their experienced physicians. This means that as long as you are ordering from a genuine store, you will be on the safe side of the law.

As stated earlier on, there are numerous fake stores. Avoid these stores. In order to place your orders safely, you can consider using the best drug stores available. These include Pharmacy Mall, Trust Pharmacy, Texas Chemist, Trusted Tablets, and Online Pills.

Buy Cheap Prescription Drugs Online

If you use prescription drugs, you will be using these regularly. With the prices that local stores charge, you may find yourself breaking your bank account in order to stay healthy. However, this is an option that you can easily avoid. This can be done by ordering your medications from an online drugstore. These stores offer you a chance to save big on your prescription meds. This can be proven by the following price list of the most common prescription medications.

Prescription Meds Pills

Prescription Meds Pills

You can be able to pay as little as 3% to 14% of the price that you have paid to acquire the same meds at a local drugstore. As long as you order your meds from a genuine and legit store, you will never have to worry about the delivery since they will deliver on time.

One thing to know before placing your order is that you should never let the price be the reason as to why you order your medications from a store. This is because some scam stores will use extremely low prices to trap unsuspecting customers. Ensure that all your prescription meds originate from genuine vendors. The vendors that we suggest to our readers have a positive reputation and they have user feedback to prove this.

How to Buy Medicines Safely Online

The first thing that you will need to do irrespective of whether you are ordering your pain or prescription meds online is to be concerned about your safety. First, what you need to do is to choose a legal pharmacy. There are thousands of online pharmacies claiming that they are real. Their claims are not enough to prove their legitimacy. For legitimate stores, we suggest that you check our top-rated pharmacy list and use one of the stores present on this list. The second thing that you have to be concerned about is your payment method. Many pharmacies will claim to accept wire transfers, bitcoins, and even Western Union. Don’t use any of these methods. These methods deny you the power to dispute your charges in case the need arises. Instead, use credit cards since you will have the ability to dispute the charges any time.


Buying pain meds online is legal. But, this is as long as you are purchasing the meds from an online pharmacy that is operating legally. Avoiding illegal pharmacies will allow you to receive genuine pain meds when you order them. Escaping illegal pharmacies is easy. Use pharmacies that have been proven by experts to always deliver real drugs and to operate under the law. You can find a wide selection of these pharmacies in our catalog.

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