An innovative excuse to get your favourite handbag out

an excuse to get out your favourite handbag

It’s no secret I love handbags.

I used to let myself buy a new handbag each year as a special treat. Or if it was really expensive, every two years.
Then I had a baby.

Soon, my handbags became redundant as I carried around my giant, yet practical, baby changing bag and just shoved a few of my essentials in it.

It saved me carrying two bags; remembering I had two bags, and all the potential disasters that can go with that.

My handbag pride had left the building. My priorities had changed.

As Elsie’s got older, sometimes we dare venture out with her little Cath Kids ruck sack; shared of course. I have my wallet and phone in it and Elsie, her water and snacks. (Never leave the house without snacks!)

Then I just take the fold up nappy changing mat and a few bits and bobs in the bottom of the pram.

I recently discovered a little mummy innovation that may let you venture out even with your smallest handbag! Becky Mantin’s nappy grab bag.

Becky has put together a little parcel to fit in your pocket, for a nappy change.

Now in reality I’m talking a coat pocket. It would feel a little bulky in your jeans, but it will also fit in your small handbags! WINNING

It has all you need in it for one nappy change: nappy, wipes, cream and a plastic fold out sheet that doubles as mat and waste bag to throw away. It’s all biodegradable and the products are natural and gentle on sensitive skin.

I’ll be honest; it isn’t going to save you in the event of a poonami as there is no room for a change of clothes and there are four wipes included, but it would be fine for a simple nappy change. It is literally the essentials cleverly packaged up for practicality.

Here’s the bag placed on a size 4 nappy so you can see how compact it is:


nappy grab bag

It’s the sort of thing that would be great to keep in the glove compartment of the car. Sometimes I dare nip to the shops without the big baby bag, and it would be good to know I had an emergency kit on board.

As this is a convenience item, it isn’t cheap, so it’s not going to replace your every day stuff. It’s £2.09 for an individual nappy grab bag from Waitrose, or you can get a multi-pack of 5 for £9.99. Amazon also sell them in a case of ten.

To have a few handy for your little handbag, the car, your coat pocket or a bag-free walk, might be worth it for the peace of mind and freedom of going out without the changing bag.

You can find out more in Becky’s Youtube video here.

I’ve got to say, the thought that I could fit one of these into my favourite handbag has tempted me to get some. But having been stung by the odd poonami in the past, I think I’ll also be squeezing a spare outfit in my handbag too.

What do you think? A good enough excuse to get a proper grown-ups handbag back out?



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*Disclosure: I was sent a sample Nappy Grab Bag to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own



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  • That’s quite impressive, but I must admit that my diaper bag was only slightly about diapers. It was also about bottles and snacks and wipes and toys and thermometers and bandaids and all the rest. Times two with twins. But now I’m back to handbags, since my girls carry their own school bags at age 9! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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